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Can you advertise on site hoarding? [Infographic]

Posted by Jask Media on 2nd February 2021

When having construction work done you may want to know if you can advertise on your site hoarding. You can leave construction and site hoardings blank if you like, but there are many great reasons for using them for advertising and promotional purposes. These include their high visibility as well as their vast surface area. Site hoardings are often used to promote the company working on a project as well as the project itself. However, there are rules and regulations you’ll need to comply with if you do want to use site hoardings for promotional purposes. When Advertising on Site Hoarding…

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What are the main types of school fencing?

Posted by Jask Media on 5th January 2021

Are you wondering what types of school fencing are available to you? Then continue reading. There are various kinds of school fencing on the market to meet all needs and budgets. At RTC Fencing, we specialise in offering high-quality fencing at competitive prices, and we can come out to visit for free to assess your needs. We’re here to provide you with quality commercial railings and school fencing in Birmingham, Nottingham, or Leicester. Why is school fencing so important? Before we look at the various types of school fencing available, let’s talk about the purposes of these fences. School fencing can…

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What are the benefits of having a cycle shelter? 

Posted by Jask Media on 11th December 2020

Fears of catching Covid-19 on public transport and improved cycling infrastructure in the UK has led to a huge rise in bike use in 2020. More people than ever before are travelling on two wheels. For this reason, there’s also been a steady increase in businesses and schools investing in cycle shelters in Leicester, Nottingham, and Birmingham. At RTC Fencing, we supply and install a range of high-quality bike shelters at highly competitive prices. Read on to find out why you should consider investing in a cycle shelter for your premises.  A bike shelter encourages cycling Quite simply, having a bike…

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