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How to Protect Your Fence From Rotting

Posted by RTC Fencing on 26th June 2019

Unfortunately, wood rot is inevitable – the Grim Reaper of wooden fencing, but fear not as we’re on hand with some useful tips to help you prolong the time it takes for wood rot to eventually take hold. Consider rot before buying fencing materials Before buying and installing your new fence, firstly consider using hard-wearing, rot-resistant materials, such as: Cedar Juniper Redwood Cypress Woods that aren’t as hard-wearing and should be avoided when looking for rot-resistant fencing materials are: Pine Tamarack Douglas Fir Alternatively, you can even purchase pre-treated wood, which can also protect your fence from wood rot. Know dry…

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Fencing for Football Pitches

Posted by RTC Fencing on 31st May 2019

It’s important to select the right fencing for putting around the perimeter of a football pitch. There are numerous factors to consider, including the height of the fence, the style and the material. As well as fencing a gate will be needed for added security. So why is important that we fence off our football pitches? Here’s all you need to know. Why should fencing be installed around a football pitch? Fencing is installed around football pitches, mainly with safety and security in mind. Suitable, strong and durable fencing, with adequate gated access, aids in the protection of the pitch itself,…

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Garden Fences and the Law

Posted by RTC Fencing on 23rd April 2019

While erecting a garden fence may seem like a simple enough thing to do from a legal standpoint, it could potentially put you in very hot water, especially if you aren’t aware of the rules with regards to garden fences and property boundaries. Do I need planning permission to put up a garden fence? Planning permission is only required when erecting a fence that surpasses the height of 2 metres. If your garden fence is less than 2 metres tall, then you won’t need planning permission. If you’re looking to install a garden fence on a public road, you may need…

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