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Sports Ground Fencing Guide for Schools

Posted by RTC Fencing on 24th September 2019

Sturdy school fencing and corresponding gates play a major role in the security and safety of sports grounds and playing fields. Not only do they keep people and animals out when they aren’t being used, but they protect the children who are already playing sports within its perimeter. With the right planning, high-quality materials and expert workmanship, you can surround your school’s sports ground with strong, durable fencing that you can rely on for years to come. What to expect from sports ground fencing Sports fencing and gates should protect both the children and the teachers who are utilising the sports…

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What are the Legal Requirements for DDA Handrails?

Posted by RTC Fencing on 20th August 2019

DDA (Disability Discrimination Act) handrails are crucial componants in allowing small children, the elderly and disabled members of society access to some of the most important public buildings in the country. From hospitals and schools to community centres and GP practices, DDA handrails are imperative for allowing everyone to enter and exit buildings safely. In this article, we’ll be explaining the requirements for DDA handrail installation, along with where to install them and the colour you should opt for. This will ensure complete compliance with the law, specifically under the Disiability Discrimination Act. What are the requirements for DDA handrails? DDA…

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How do Armco Crash Barriers Work?

Posted by RTC Fencing on 29th July 2019

Armco crash barriers are something you probably see every day but don’t actually know the specific name of. At RTC Fencing, we supply Armco barriers and wanted to give you more details about exactly what they are, where they’re used, why they’re used and what they’re made from. Armco began in the 1990s, developing steel products with their crash barriers becoming some of their most popular, but how do they work and what makes them so popular? How do Armco barriers work? An Armco crash barrier works by absorbing the impact of a crash – usually involving a vehicle. Referred to…

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