3 Things to Consider When Choosing Best Fencing For Dogs

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Any proud dog owner knows their dog loves nothing more than to explore. As endearing as this quality is, it does mean you have to consider your dog and their behaviour when choosing the right fence for your property. Here are some tips when choosing a closeboard or panel fence that will make you and your pup happy.

Best Fences For Dogs That Jump

Big dogs are capable of jumping high fences. A four foot fence simply isn’t going to do the job since, depending on the breed, some dogs can jump as high as six feet. Ideally, your fences need to be six feet or higher and be made of solid panels. If you want to have some natural light filter through, palisade fencing is a good option.

This is because palisade fencing is manufactured with gaps between each board and with the boards oriented vertically. So, all the gaps are vertical, too. It’s a good idea because some dogs are remarkably good climbers and will take advantage of any foothold, no matter how small. This can prove dangerous with mesh or chain link fencing, which are poor choices for homes with dogs.

Best Fences For Dogs That Dig

Dogs are smart and if they can see through a fence, they’ll be more likely to try to dig under it. You’ll want to avoid this as replacing and packing the earth back into place is dirty and time-consuming work.

Once again, chain link fences are no good here as they provide a clear view from one side of the fence to the other. Though your dog is an animal, livestock fencing is no good either, as dogs are far more agile than their farm animal friends. Another option is to dig into the ground and insert wire mesh below the fencing to disrupt any digging.

Best Fences For Dogs That Escape

May be your dog can’t vault a fence but is sneaky in other ways and talented at escaping from your garden? If so, consider gates with latches instead of door handles (some dogs are capable of working these out) and other measures to address your dog’s behaviour. Sometimes, escaping, digging and jumping are symptoms of anxiety and under-exercise. Your dog is an active creature, with curiosity and feelings. It’s worth showing them the world during a twice daily walk in most cases. This is the best antidote to tempering your dog’s escaping behaviour.


Dog friendly fences have the following:

  • Solid panels, or
  • Vertically oriented boards
  • No potential footholds
  • No chainlink sections
  • Gates with rounded handles or latches
  • Sanded (if wooden) to avoid splinters
  • Six feet in overall height

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