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Secure fencing is a vital asset for any school. As well as protecting pupils and preventing entry by unauthorised individuals, it can create a positive school image. If you’re looking to invest in suitable fencing, you need to find reputable school fencing contractors in Leicester, Nottingham, or Birmingham. At RTC Fencing, we provide a wide range of fencing solutions for schools. All of the rail fencing, bow top railing fencing, and palisade fencing is constructed to the highest standards from top-quality materials.

School Fencing Types

RTC Fencing has provided school fencing for lots of schools in Leicester, Nottingham, and Birmingham. Therefore, you can rest assured that we can supply the right fencing to meet the needs of your school. Our team can install your top-quality fencing securely around the perimeter of the building, helping you demonstrate your school’s commitment to safety and security.

With this type of fencing from RTC, you can create an environment that isn’t just safe and secure but also welcoming for students, staff, and visitors. The fencing is RoSPA Approved too, with no sharp edges or finger traps for children to hurt themselves on. It’s designed to minimise any potential risks to young children which may be posed by fencing. Here are our most popular school fencing types.

Bow Top Railing Fencing

Having a distinct rounded top, is where this type of fencing gets its name from. This traditional design can turn perimeter fencing into a highly attractive feature, often viewed as more aesthetically appealing than other fencing types. This fencing provides a secure yet more decorative barrier for schools than palisade fencing, for example.

Bow top fencing is available in various styles, including interlaced, bow-in-bow, and bar-in-bow. There are also many different colour coatings to choose from. Our team can tailor your new bow top fencing to your specific requirements, working with you to make sure it’s the perfect fit for your school premises or grounds. At RTC Fencing, we supply bow top railing fencing that’s not just attractive, but strong and durable too. We’ll make sure it will provide a secure barrier for your school for many years to come.

Rail fencing

One of the most popular fencing types for schools is vertical bar railings. Perfectly suited for school buildings with its traditional design. Above all, it’s also ideal for parks, children’s play areas, and open public spaces. They’re perfect for boundary security, keeping children, staff, and visitors safe whilst preventing unauthorised entry.

Security is vital when it comes to school fencing, however, we know that appearance matters too. That’s why our fencing is made to look good and provide a welcoming environment. It can serve as a functional but decorative feature on your premises. Our manufacturing capabilities mean we’re able to provide bespoke rail fencing to suit the needs of your school.

As a leading school fencing contractors in Nottingham, Leicester, and Birmingham, you can rest assured that our rail fencing is durable and hardwearing. Made from high-quality materials by our experienced team, it can also be supplied galvanised or with various powder coatings to enhance its long-term performance.

Palisade fencing

Also, if you’re looking for a more robust solution to your school fencing needs, consider investing in palisade fencing. Offering a high level of security and often used to secure large areas, it’s ideal for many school grounds.

Palisade fencing can act as a major deterrent to criminals. As well as being incredibly difficult to climb due to its height and lack of footholds, it also has pointed ends that make surmounting it almost impossible. You can rest assured that it won’t be compromised by intruders at any point.

This type of fencing may not be well known for its attractiveness, but RTC Fencing provides a wide choice of finishes and colours to improve the appearance of this high-quality steel fencing. This fencing is renowned for its security and durability, but there’s no reason why it can’t enhance the look of your premises too.

Palisade fencing from RTC is constructed to a high standard, with our team ensuring that it’s as strong and durable as possible. It will last many, many years before needing to be replaced, with only minimal maintenance required for its upkeep. If you don’t want to keep replacing school fencing every few years, palisade fencing is the right choice. It’s an extremely long-lasting solution that will save you significant time and money.

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Fencing is essential for creating a secure space for both pupils and staff to move safely around the grounds. As well as keeping out intruders and prevent pupils from playing truant, the right fencing can also enhance the look of your premises, creating a positive image of the school.

Finally, at RTC Fencing, we provide a wide range of fencing for schools, delivering secure and attractive solutions which meet various needs. To find out more about the types of school fencing on offer, don’t hesitate to contact our friendly team. We’ll be happy to advise you on your various options.

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