5 Things to Consider for School Fencing

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Student safety is the responsibility of parents, carers, teachers, support staff and governors. Anybody with an interest in the school has a role to play when it comes to safeguarding children and ensuring their education is not affected by poor campus security measures.

School Fencing Regulations

Purpose-built school fencing solutions are now considered integral to school infrastructure and go a long way to fulfilling the ‘duty of care’ expected from all schools. If you are considering a new school perimeter fence, or are looking to replace outdated and ineffective fencing, here are the top 5 things to consider before purchasing fencing for schools.


These are the three key security improvements that school fencing provides:

  • Security fencing keeps children on campus where they are safe
  • Fencing keeps unwanted intruders off campus and away from children
  • Enclosed perimeter fencing is an effective deterrent against arson, burglary, concealment and vandalism that often occurs outside of opening hours

The first two points directly affect the safety of students and should be the obvious reason to install perimeter fencing. The third bullet point is a key indicator of why perimeter fencing is, in fact, a logical investment. Crimes listed in the third bullet point cost schools in the UK £53 million in 2007. With increases in security perimeter fencing, this had dropped by 2015, to £26 million.


Purchasing fencing from reputable suppliers and installations experts means that all available products will meet the stringent safety regulations that are set out to protect students, staff and the public. By following these guidelines, manufacturers greatly reduce the likelihood of entrapped limbs and puncture wounds that have been problems associated with previous fencing designs.

Features of note include: enclosed screw heads, bolts and fastenings; outward facing latches on gates attached to Multi-Use Games Areas; and tight-wire fence panel configurations that make scaling the fencing an impossibility.

The Public

The views of the local population should be consulted when purchasing large amounts of fencing such as perimeter fencing. Reasons for this include alterations to the aesthetic of the campus and the affect the fencing will have on local access points and adjoining footpaths.

It is worth emphasising to local residents that today’s perimeter fencing offers impressive acoustic qualities that dampen noise associated with schools and other educational facilities. To maintain a good appearance, natural paint colours for perimeter fences are popular and help to avoid the ‘prison look’ of black or bare metal fencing. In other words, the fence should be effective and attractive.


A school’s choice of fencing must reflect its role in the local economy and its wider commitment to reducing its carbon footprint. For example, choosing timber fencing that carries FSC or PEFC marks will guarantee that the timber is from a sustainable source.

For steel security fencing, choosing a supplier and installer who offers the best warranties will minimise the costs should any unforseen repairs be needed. These measures prove that a school has taken its responsibilities for the environment and its use of public funds seriously.

Safeguarding Vulnerable Groups Act

In essence, the Safeguarding Vulnerable Groups Act requires that anyone who is permitted access to the school must be checked and cleared by the Criminal Records Bureau and receive a Disclosure and Barring Service certificate, commonly known as a ‘DBS check’.

Once cleared, individuals are allowed to work on a campus where children and vulnerable adults may be present. Highly experienced school fencing suppliers will have up to date DBS checks in place for their installations engineers and all schools have procedures in place to ensure these checks are completed.

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