5 Ways to Improve Construction Site Security

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Not only can construction sites pose a dangerous prospect for the general public, but they are also alluring targets for would-be criminals and thieves.


Whether it’s burglars looking to abscond with valuable building equipment and materials, or trespassing thrillseekers wanting to use your site as a playground, it’s vital to set up proper security measures around your work site. In this article, we’re looking at five things you can do to achieve improved security around your construction site.

1. Plan ahead

Any construction project requires thorough planning before it even begins. Security should form an integral part of that plan. Take the site itself into account and detail a security that covers every aspect of the worksite. Make sure to involve your workers at every step, making them aware of the importance of security and what exactly to look out for. Reporting suspicious behaviour, taking regular inventory of valuable goods and generally working with safety and security in mind; these policies should be introduced as early as possible.

2. Keep the site well lit

Deterrence is incredibly effective, so taking measures to put criminals off in the first place can solve a lot of problems. A good way of doing this is by keeping your construction site well lit, to show that trespassers and thieves can be easily spotted and identified. Of course, when you light up your work site you are also making it more visible, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that your valuables are more at risk. You simply need to take measures to protect them too – which should be done regardless of lighting levels.

3. Keep things locked away

Even if your construction site has no lights at night, having valuable materials or assets left in plain sight will make it much easier for thieves to get a hold of them. They can use the daylight hours to scout the site, with knowledge that you don’t lock everything away. One of the best practices you can carry out is to lock up any materials or expensive, fragile equipment in a designated, secure location after work is finished. If there’s nothing on show to catch a thief’s eye, then it’s less likely that they’ll risk a break-in.

4. Install fencing and site hoarding

You can never underestimate the importance of fencing on a construction site. The first line of defence is often the main obstacle for thieves, vandals and trespassers, and installing proper security fencing or temporary site hoarding around your site will create a comprehensively secure perimeter which will ward off any unwanted access. Site hoarding is particularly useful as it blocks public line of sight into the worksite itself, while also protecting the general public from the dangers associated with machinery and construction work. When installing site hoarding make sure to use reliable, professional installers who will work to the requirements of your worksite to maximise security benefits.

5. Manned security, signage and CCTV

For a complete focus on security you need to install clear signage and CCTV to deter potential thieves. Hiring security guards will also strengthen security across the whole of the site. Set up one entry point and have it manned by a security guard at all times. This enforces access control, making sure only relevant personnel are on site at any time. CCTV works with your lighting to catch sight of criminals at all times, and will help with identification purposes should someone attempt a break-in. Clear signage around your site, attached to site hoarding, will also show potential criminals that you are taking your security seriously. Spell out the dangers of unauthorised access, letting people know that the site is monitored, as well as including any consequences that will occur for anyone caught trespassing, stealing or causing criminal damage. This should be sufficient deterrence to prevent any outside interference.

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