Benefits of Bow Top Fencing

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Bow top railings are ideal for protecting your property. From play areas to school playgrounds, you can rest assured that intruders and vandals will think twice before attempting to gain unauthorised access. There are many other advantages to bow top fencing, and we’ll be detailing them in this article.


Available in a range of styles

You’ll be able to choose a height which is suitable for you and your needs, as well as a multitude of styles available, including:

  • Interlaced
  • Bow-in-bow
  • Bar-in-bow


You’ll also be able to choose from a range of bold, vibrant colours to further enhance the look of your fence. From bright reds and dark greens to vivid yellows and industrial greys, we’ll be able to provide you with bow top railings that will perfectly suit your requirements.


Aesthetically pleasing

Bow top railings not only add security to your property, but they’re also aesthetically pleasing, making them perfect for installation around schools, playgrounds and other play areas. Their design also makes them safe for children, as there are no sharp edges or small parts and components which can fall onto the floor and be picked up by little hands.


Quick and easy installation

Bow top fencing can be quickly and efficiently installed, meaning your property will be made safe and secure in no time. Regardless of the height you opt for, you’re guaranteed to have your new bow top railings erected as quickly as possible. With matching gates available, both yourself and members of the general public will have full access inside the perimeter as and when required.


Extremely strong and durable

Their height can be remarkably deceptive. Though small, they’re incredibly strong and durable, ensuring your property is kept safe and secure. The tubular construction aids in its strength, something which can also deter vandals. Due to its exceptional durability, it would be incredibly difficult to damage a bow top fence, regardless of its height for your ultimate peace of mind.


Bow top railings at RTC Fencing

We’re proud to supply a range of bow top railings and matching gates at reasonable prices. You can rest assured that your bow top fencing will be installed with expert skill and precision, protecting your property from intruders and vandals in no time.

Our fully-qualified team are dedicated to carrying out thorough installations to the highest possible standards, ensuring you’ll receive reliable, long-lasting service every single time with RTC Fencing.


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