Benefits of metal railings

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Metal railings have long been a popular choice for both residential and commercial properties. Not only can they enhance the security of a building, but they can also add a touch of elegance, especially when they come in a modern, ornate design. At RTC Fencing, we regularly install stylish and durable metal railings in Nottingham and the surrounding areas. Read on to discover the many benefits of metal railings.

Enhanced security 

Metal railings can enhance the security of your property, acting as a physical barrier to deter and prevent unauthorised access. Whether they’re installed around a residential garden or commercial premises, metal railings make it much like likely that intruders will be able to get into your property. They can provide you with peace of mind that your property, assets, and people are safe and secure.

Impressive durability 

Vertical bar Railings in Leicester Metal railings are incredibly durable, making them capable of lasting decades before they need replacing. They can withstand the test of time and the effects of the elements. Rain, wind and UV rays will have minimal impact on their appearance and performance. You can expect your metal railings to stay in great condition for many years to come, making them a fantastic long-term investment. 

Low maintenance

Metal railings are very low maintenance. Unlike wood fencing, which can require frequent painting, staining or sealing to keep it in good shape, metal railings generally only need occasional cleaning to remove any debris or dust. This low-maintenance requirement saves you both time and money whilst keeping your property looking its best. 

Various design options

One of the biggest benefits of our metal railings is that they come in various designs to suit your preferences. They come in different architectural styles ranging from classic and ornate to modern and minimalist. Whether you’re looking for railings with sleek, straight lines or intricate detail, they can be customised to match your vision. You can rest assured that your new metal railings will enhance the appearance of your property wonderfully.  


Metal railings are a very eco-friendly choice since most metals are recyclable.  Many metals used in railings, such as steel or aluminium can be recycled and reused at the end of their useful life. This not only reduces the demand for new raw materials but also the energy required for production. Metal railings are known for their long lifespan due to their durability, which means they don’t need to be replaced as often as some other materials. This reduces the overall environmental impact associated with the production and disposal of fencing. 

Add value to your property

The installation of metal railings may add value to your property. Potential buyers often appreciate the visual appeal and added security that they can bring, making your home more attractive on the property market. Keep in mind that metal railings are only likely to increase your home’s value if they’re constructed, installed and maintained to a high standard. Hiring the services of a reputable fencing contractor can ensure that your fencing turns out to be a worthy investment.  

Metal railings in Nottingham

As a leading fencing contractor, we’re confident that we can assist you if you’re seeking great quality metal railings in Nottingham. We have been supplying metal railings in various sizes and styles for many years, earning ourselves a great reputation for our high-quality products and unrivalled customer service standards. At RTC Fencing, we offer both bow top railing and vertical bar railings, which are ideal for both residential and commercial properties. More information about these two common types of metal railings can be found below. 

Bow top railings

Bow top railings are a great option if you’re seeking fencing that’s not just secure and durable but aesthetically pleasing too. These railings have a distinctive design, featuring bow-shaped or rounded tops on each railing panel. They’re well-known for their ornate appearance, with their bow-shaped tops adding a sense of style to the fencing.

Bow top Railings in Leicester Vertical bar railings

Another common type of fencing is vertical bar railings. These railings consist of vertical metal bars that are evenly spaced between horizontal rails. They provide an effective barrier to unauthorised access due to the closely spaced bars, making them ideal for areas where security is a primary concern. At the same time, they maintain a visually pleasing appearance, making them suitable for a wide range of properties. 

Our metal railings installation

When you source metal railings from RTC Fencing, you can rest assured they will be installed to the highest possible standards. Our installation team have been installing this type of fencing for many years, giving us a huge amount of knowledge and expertise. We have an excellent understanding of the railing installation process, from taking precise measurements to carrying meticulous fitting. 

Before we install your fencing, we’ll conduct a comprehensive evaluation of your site. This helps us understand the specific needs of your property, whether it’s residential or commercial. We take into account various factors ranging from the terrain, and architectural elements to local regulations. 

All our work is fully guaranteed, which reflects just how confident we are in the quality of our products and service. We’ve already supplied metal railings in Nottingham to hundreds of clients, so why not talk to our team about our requirements? You can view our latest Testimonials now on our website.

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