Best Fence Panels For Windy Areas

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The British weather has been unusually pleasant recently – but it won’t be long before it reverts back to the cold, windy state we all know too well. Take advantage of the warm weather by installing a wind-proof fence in preparation for Autumn. To help you out, we’ve constructed a handy guide to highlight the best fence panels for windy areas.

Hit and miss fence panels

Hit and miss fence panels are alternately fitted panels that impart a sizeable amount of wind resistance, while also providing close to total privacy. The alternate panels make the fence appear closed and solid, but actually create small gaps that helps to dissipate the wind. These gaps are the key to windproof fencing; they provide a space for the wind to pass through, meaning there will be reduced force against the panels. Hit and miss fence panels, although not as wind resistant as other fences in this article, are a popular option due to their superb balance of resilience and privacy. If keeping your property private is a hugely important factor in purchasing a fence, then hit and miss fence panels should be a serious consideration.

Slatted fence panels

Slatted fence panels work in a similar fashion to hit and miss fences, but the gaps are much more apparent. They provide slight resistant against the wind, and a great deal of privacy. Unlike the hit and miss fencing, however, slatted fence panels are horizontal and sit neatly in rows.

Picket fences

Picket fencing is perhaps the most recognisable fence on this list. The simplistic classic fence has vertical fence panels with rounded tops that provide little privacy, but are great for marking the border of a property. Picket fence panels stand apart from each other, creating larger gaps than hit and miss or slatted fence panels. The wider gaps provide greater wind resistance, making picket fencing a great choice for windy areas.

Trellis fencing

The criss-cross pattern of trellis fence panels make it a popular choice for those looking for aesthetic fencing options. However, trellis fencing is also fantastic for wind resistance. The gaps created by the criss-cross panels come in different sizes but are generally quite large, and the spread area of the wooden panels provides an equal level of stability across the whole fence. The combination of these two factors leads to a fence that largely dissipates most of the wind and provides sturdiness against the wind that remains. Once again, the downside with this type of fencing is that it is not private at all, so you need to consider how important of a factor this is for you when purchasing your fence. Alternatively, there are other options that can help provide privacy with this type of fencing. Consider growing plants around the base of the fence, as these will help to combat its transparency.

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