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Sports facilities used to support different infrastructure, due to different sports having different requirements and funds. Nowadays, Multi-Use Games Areas (MUGA) are becoming more and more prevalent, allowing multiple sports to be played on just one single playing area. The fencing that is used for these areas — or any sporting ground — can vary. This article is going to take a look at which we believe is the best.

Why do you need fencing for sports grounds?

There are a variety of reasons why choosing good fencing for your sports ground is important.

Secure equipment – Having a fence around the perimeter of your sporting ground keeps balls and other equipment contained. This is handy for when you have neighbours or are a near a busy road, to prevent being a nuisance or causing any accidents. Plus, preventing a ball from continually leaving the sports ground allows the game to flow better, increasing enjoyment.

Preventing unauthorised access – A high quality fence will stop intruders from using your facilities when they’re not authorised to do so.

Reflects well on your club – A good, solid fence can turn any old sports ground into a premium looking facility. This will reflect well on your club for when opposing teams or club members visit your ground.

Which type of fencing fulfills this criteria?

There are three types of fencing we will be considering in this article: rebound boards, chain link and welded wire mesh.

Rebounds boards – Rebound boards are designed to help improve the flow of the game while being highly cost effective and much easier to install than other fencing. Rebound boards are very minimal, they’re often very low, allowing for rebounds of balls but doesn’t provide any real security for your facility. This is perhaps a good option for very basic sports grounds, in which unauthorised access isn’t so much of an issue, but overall isn’t going to provide much benefit.

Chain link fencing – Chain link fencing provides better security but is relatively low quality and arguably doesn’t reflect great on the club. The fence is also not that durable, and will require periodic maintenance. It is, however, an inexpensive option.

Welded wire mesh – The introduction of welded wire mesh changed the landscape of sports ground fencing. Widely popular, welded wire mesh excels in all areas noted above. The metal fencing is highly secure and robust. It can withstand a lot of damage without needing maintenance, and will certainly hold up against general ball kicks or hits. The fence can be built very high, preventing any unauthorised access while keeping balls and other equipment contained inside the grounds. Holes are large enough for spectators to watch from the outside while small enough as not to allow balls to fall through. The high-quality metal provides a premium feel for your club, much more so than chain link fencing and rebound boards.


Here at RTC Fencing we provide high quality fencing to suit your budget. Though welded wire mesh is our top choice, we offer various fencing options, and will always install it using highly skilled workers with a wealth of experience. To enquire further, give our friendly team a call today.

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