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Choosing the right fencing to hold your horses is a vitally important decision. Not only could there be financial consequences for your choice, but some types of fencing could pose a safety risk to your horses if not installed in a suitable environment.
This article is going to help you make the right decision. We’re going to be exploring the different types of horse fencing, along with their pros and cons, helping you to decide which type of fencing may be best for you.

There are four main factors to consider when choosing a fence: price, aesthetic, terrain and maintenance.

Price and maintenance –  You should decide how much you’re willing to spend on a fence, factoring in both initial costs and maintenance costs.


Aesthetic – Decide how important aesthetics are for you; are you going to be showing your horses — and therefore the fence — to many others? Or are you happy to compromise on looks to save some money?

Terrain – Finally, consider the type of terrain your horses are in. Some fences will be more difficult to see in certain environments, creating a potential danger to the surrounding horses who may unwittingly crash into it.

Types of fencing


Wire fencing – wire fencing is often favoured due to its low price point and ease of installation. Touted as ‘the budget option, wire fencing may not cost much initially, but its vulnerability could potentially end up seeing you pay more for repairs or replacements in the long run.


Wire mesh fencingwire mesh fencing improves on wire fencing with added durability, albeit at a slightly higher price point. The mesh wires are more robust than their wire fencing counterparts, while also greatly improving on safety; the holes made from the wires are made into a diamond formation, reducing the risk of horses getting their hooves stuck.

Wire mesh still isn’t as visible or aesthetically appealing as wooden fencing, however.


Pipe fencing – encircling a perimeter with rigid pipes, pipe fencing certainly doesn’t compromise on a robust, durable exterior. Be wary, however, that such a hard exterior could cause damage to horses if galloped into.


Post rail fencing – wooden fencing is largely favoured thanks to its rural design. The post and rail fencing offers a natural perimeter that excels in security as much as it does aesthetic. Easily visible to horses, post and rail fencing offers a very low risk of danger and all at a relatively low price point. Plus, by opting for post rail fencing from RTC fencing, you can receive installation from a team of highly experienced professionals, guaranteeing sturdiness for many years to come.


Here at RTC Fencing, we have a wide range of fencing for all types of domestic or commercial needs. Our tailor-made service promises high quality fences and skilled workmen, resulting in top-of-the-range fences that guarantee long-lasting results. We also have a team on hand to offer all the advice and recommendations you need to find the right fencing for you. Give our team a call today to hear more.


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