Building Site Hoarding – The Top 5 Benefits You Need To Know

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Site Hoarding is a temporary boarded fence which is erected around commercial premises such as a building site. As well as enhancing safety and security by shielding the area from view and preventing unauthorised access, it can also serve as a useful and economical marketing tool. Here are the biggest benefits of installing building site hoarding in Leicester, Nottingham, or Birmingham.

Hoarding Keeps your site secure

Opportunist thieves are increasingly targeting the construction industry in the UK, with crime rates rising every year. Thousands of building sites suffer thefts, resulting in significant financial loss and downtime. Strikingly, in a survey carried out by the Chartered Institute of Building, 92% of respondents said they had been directly impacted petty crime, with 21% complaining that their sites were burgled every week. If you want to reduce the likelihood of your building site falling victim to crooks, it’s time to consider investing in site hoarding in Nottingham, Leicester, or Birmingham.

Site hoarding can help you adhere to the Construction Design and Management Regulations, which state that all UK construction companies must take steps to prevent unauthorised persons from entering their site. You’re required to secure a perimeter and implement appropriate signage before any work is carried out. Site hoarding can help you to do this, with this form of fencing proven to be an effective method of deterring intruders. At RTC Fencing, we provide a full site hoarding service, supplying and installing robust and secure hoarding to prevent unauthorised people from entering your building site. With the right hoarding, you can successfully limit the risk of theft from your building site.

Protects the public

One of the biggest benefits of building site hoarding is that it can protect the public from sustaining serious injury. Construction sites are full of potential hazards, with dangerous equipment, on-site vehicles, falling objects, roadworks, noise, dust, vibration, slips, trips, and falls all presenting a possible risk to passers-by. Hoarding can make sites safer by acting as a barrier to people who don’t work there, making the risk of injury to the public far less likely.

At RTC Fencing, we ensure that we provide site hoarding which is fully aligned to Health and Safety regulations. These state that a building site’s boundaries must be clearly defined by using appropriate fencing. Our team will ensure that hoarding is installed effectively to cover the whole of your construction space, leaving no room for accidents to occur. Whatever the size of your site, we’ll work with you to protect members of the public and avoid monetary loss from large compensation claims.

As well as separating people from potentially dangerous building works, site hoardings can also communicate health and safety information clearly. Hoarding panels provide the perfect place to display warnings about hazards or dangers which are essential to safety and regulations.

Keeps your project under wraps

What’s great about building site hoarding is that it not only offers a high level of security and safety, but it can also safeguard the privacy of your project. Acting as a visual barrier, it allows you to work discreetly and keep developments under wraps until the work is complete and ready to be unveiled to the public. RTC Fencing can create and install site hoarding in Birmingham, Nottingham, and Leicester that helps your site to avoid exposure. You can work incognito and make sure the finished result is fully complete before you reveal all to your customers.

Acts as a fantastic advertising tool

Building site hoarding also acts is a great advertising tool, allowing you to create highly effective campaigns to publicise and promote the project. At RTC Fencing, we can help you to create custom signage to boost interest whilst the work is being carried out. You could choose to create graphics to display the completed project, generating a real buzz and excitement before the big reveal.

Whilst construction continues, site hoarding advertising campaigns can tell people all about the reasons for the project as well as displaying what the finished building will look like. Site hoarding advertisements have become increasingly popular in recent years. Not only do they offer cost-effective marketing, but they offer the chance to transmit your message to a huge number of people. If your advert is designed correctly, the impact of your site hoarding could be huge.

Protects drivers’ line of vision

One less well-known benefit of site hoarding is it that it protects the line of vision for drivers. Having a busy and active building site on full display can be incredibly distracting for people driving past, and it can be easy for them to lose focus on the road. Inevitably, this boosts the likelihood of accidents occurring as a result. Site hoarding installed around the perimeter of a construction site can provide a clearer landscape for drivers and allow them to concentrate on driving safely, limiting the risk of collisions.

Should I rent or buy site hoarding in Leicester?

Site hoarding may be a temporary fencing solution, but that doesn’t mean that hiring it is always the best option. Construction projects can be lengthy, often lasting much longer than anticipated. If you miss your deadline, you’ll quickly see your hire costs rise, meaning you may end up paying out much more than you really need to. When you invest in site hoarding for your construction company, it’s yours to keep and you’ll be able to use for various different projects. Buying building site hoarding in Leicester, Nottingham, or Birmingham is a much more cost-effective option in the long run.

Get in touch with our team friendly at RTC Fencing today and find out more about our site hoarding options. Our fully qualified team have a huge amount of experience in the industry, making us best placed to deliver a professional building site hoarding installation service in your area.

Our prices are some of the most competitive in the business, allowing us to offer a highly cost-effective temporary fencing solution for your construction business.

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