Closeboard vs Panel Fencing

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It’s vitally important to choose the correct fencing for the job when it comes to domestic fencing in the back garden, the driveway or your allotment. Not only must it stand the test of time and provide privacy and security, it has to look good, too.

This month, we are answering an age old question:

‘What are the pros and cons of closeboard and panel fencing and which is the best fencing for my needs?’

So, without further ado, here’s a short but sweet guide to deciding between closeboard and panel fencing.

Closeboard Fences

Closeboard provides unparalleled privacy and is usually constructed using overlapping vertical feather edge board. Each board is nailed to horizontal rails, sometimes called ‘arris’ rails and these are supported by notched vertical posts.

A typical closeboard is 6 feet tall or higher which makes them ideal as a boundary wall.

However, closeboard can be expensive when compared to other types of fencing. Options such as concrete or wooden gravel boards, concrete posts and certain wood finishes – and whether your fence is professionally installed will affect the cost. Overall, a closeboard fence will last indefinitely with the right care and attention throughout the seasons.

Traditional Panel Fences

This is a common choice of fence in the UK and the easiest for DIYers to install. Panels can be bought readymade and clipped onto wooden posts with 2-3 U-shaped clips. If the posts are concrete, the panels simply slide into place. Although, you’ll want one or two people to help raise the panel to the top of the post before sliding it down to meet the gravel board.

At approximately £20 per panel, lap panel fencing is highly cost effective and only needs a good coat of wood treatment or paint every year or two to stay in good condition. They are not as strong as closeboard fences but if all you require is privacy and the assurance of a perimeter fence around your garden, then this is the best choice for a fence on a budget.


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