Construction Hoarding Types

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Hoardings for construction sites are mandatory in the UK and when you look at the benefits of having them on site, you can see why.

Site Hoarding - Broadmarsh Shopping Centre Parking Lot

Construction Hoarding Types

Protection, health and safety and risk reduction – as well as insurance obligations – are just a few of the positives for widespread hoardings use. However, there are a few considerations to take into account before choosing the type of hoarding to install.

Timber Hoardings

The classic hoarding system that offers great long-term security for large construction sites. Here are the reasons why:

  • Available in post-mounted, concrete set and counterweighted concrete block variants
  • Can be painted in company colours, brand colours or covered in vinyl signage, which is useful for displaying concept renderings of the finished project
  • Access gates for pedestrians and vehicles are easily integrated
  • Uses timber which is ethically sourced to reduce environmental impact

Steel Hoardings

A fantastic option for long-term protection, steel hoardings offer some unique benefits compared to timber hoardings. Here are all the positive attributes to choosing steel for your construction site perimeter:

  • Available in a range of colours which can be useful for branding and commercial sites
  • Compatibility with various types of fencing panels, including anti-climb paint mesh panels for unbeatable security
  • Can be erected as a freestanding fence which is ideal for quick setup
  • Steel is more environmentally friendly over a long period of time because it has a greater reuse value
  • Thin panels mean steel is highly portable
  • Wide range of features available, such as lighting, signage, gating for pedestrians and vehicles

Hoardings with Water-Filled Bases

For temporary use, water-filled bases are ideal and offer almost as much protection for small to medium construction sites as their timber and steel counterparts. Hoardings with water-filled bases offer the benefits of:

  • Interlocking blocks which make it quick and easy to set up perimeter runs
  • Empty blocks are easy to transport, especially to sites which are hard to access with heavy or wide loads. Once topped up with water, the blocks are heavy, stable and simple to dismantle after they’ve done their job
  • As they are easy to dismantle, water filled bases can be moved and redeployed on the same site at a fraction of the time and cost
  • Compatible with gating units in compliance with construction site access guidelines

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