Importance of Security Fencing: Construction Site Fencing Requirements

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A fencing solution to prevent unlawful entry and theft is a compulsory requirement for buildings undergoing repair, renovation and for new developments.

Construction Site Fencing Requirements

If it is not clear why security fencing, otherwise known as site hoardings, is a mandatory part of construction site safety, read on as this month we will clarify the importance of site hoardings and security fencing, in regards to construction site fencing requirements.

Accidental Trespassing

When a construction site is active, those responsible for the construction site have a moral duty to protect the public from potential dangers that come with site development.

A site boundary that is difficult to penetrate marks out the construction site from the public area around it. Without a security fence, accidental intrusion by the public is inevitable. In densely populated areas, construction sites are susceptible to accidental intrusion for a number of reasons: it might be identified as a shortcut; it might be an attractive site for ‘urban exploration’; and inebriated behaviours, are included.

Equipment and Materials Theft

This can be a worry for those working on a construction site that is rural or in an otherwise unpopulated area. The tools and equipment that may be stored on site are an attractive proposition for thieves with the means to transport it away. A security fence with heavy duty hardware will be the best deterrent to thieves. To minimise the risk, lock all movable items away and have alarms fitted and operational within site vehicles.

Insurance and Legal Cover

Any insurance that may be taken out on your site, including against theft and accidents, will be voided by a lack of security fencing. If it is your responsibility to secure the perimeter of the site to prevent entry by the public, then the only way to prove you have taken every measure available is to arrange for proper security fencing. The risk of being held legally responsible for injury to a member of the public is eliminated if that person has crossed the perimeter by illegal means.

Your Trusted Fencing Supplier

The use of security fencing on construction sites is an investment in preventing many difficult and dangerous scenarios. You may not notice the fencing while it does its job. However, you can be sure that you would notice the impact an accident or equipment theft would have on site if the fencing were not there to do its job. Get peace of mind with construction site security fencing.

Security Fencing for Building Site

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