Do security gates add value to my business?

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At RTC Fencing, people often ask us “Do security gates add value to my business?” The answer is yes, absolutely. Top-quality security gates which have been manufactured and installed to a high standard increase your company’s value considerably. Keep reading to learn more. 

How much value can security gates add to a business?

Security gates can be a valuable asset for your business. So much so that they could add up to 5% to the value of your premises. They provide a high level of security and safety, protecting your site, employees and equipment. At RTC Fencing, we can supply gates that are made bespoke to your business needs. Providing not just a high level of security and efficient access control but visual appeal too. 

How much do security gates cost? Security Gates in Leicester

The costs of security gates can vary considerably, ranging from several hundred to several thousand pounds. How much you’ll pay will depend on various factors, including the type of gate, the materials used, the size, customisation options, installation requirements, and any additional features or accessories. Manual gates tend to be cheaper than automated gates, which can be controlled remotely from wherever you are. To provide you with an accurate price for security gates in Nottingham, we’d need to carry out a site inspection and discuss your requirements with you in detail. 

The good news is that we’re well-known for our competitive prices and for our value-for-money products. Our commercial security gates are made to an impeccably high standard from the best quality materials, ensuring enhanced performance and durability from day one. 

Are security gates worth it?

You might be wondering if security gates are worth the expense for your business. We always say as long as they’re made and installed to a high standard by a reputable company, they’re a fantastic investment. You should be able to demand a higher price if you do decide to sell up in the future due to the many benefits that they offer. Not only can they boost a business’s security significantly by making it much harder for unauthorised persons to gain access to the site but they can also offer a high level of privacy and offer easier entry to your site. 

Reduce your insurance premiums with security gates 

When you invest in security gates for your business, you could see your insurance premiums fall. This is because they make it much harder for intruders to gain access to your property. Installing security gates can reduce the chances of a claim being made, which means there’s less risk for your insurance company. If unauthorised persons are unable to access your facility, there’s a lower likelihood of theft and property damage occurring. 

Security gates in Nottingham

Now you know that the answer to “Do security gates add value to my business?” is yes, you may be looking to place an order. At RTC Fencing, we’re one of the leading suppliers of security gates in Nottingham, with our team installing them for hundreds of businesses over the years. 

We supply all types of security gates for businesses. We can offer both wooden and metal gates to suit your needs, although metal is usually the preferred material for companies seeking a higher level of security and privacy. Our metal gates are strong and durable and come in different designs, with both swing and sliding options available. 

Sliding security gates have become very popular with businesses in recent years. They operate by sliding horizontally along a track or a rail system. They either slide to one side or split in the middle in order to create a dual gate configuration. Swing gates have hinges and operate by swinging open or closed. Normally, they have two panels, known as leaves, which connect to vertical posts or pillars. Barrier arm gates are another option. Typically used for vehicular access control in car parks or gated entrances, they are simple in design and relatively inexpensive. 

Security Metal Gates in Nottingham What type of gate do I need?

If you’re not sure what type of security gates to opt for, we’re on hand to assist. We can provide all the advice you need when choosing the right security gates for your organisation. Whatever size gates you need, we can assist. We’ll ensure it provides a security entryway to your commercial premises.  

All our security gates are fully guaranteed, ensuring that if you do run into any problems with them, we’ll repair or replace them free of charge. At RTC, we’re very confident in the quality of our products and their ability to meet the needs of your business. We’ve supplied security gates to hundreds of organisations over the years, catering to our clients’ specific needs and budgets. You can view our recent projects and testimonials on our website to find out what to expect when you choose us for your security gates in Nottingham. 

Which businesses can benefit from security gates?

While the need for security gates can vary depending on specific circumstances, there are several types of businesses that can benefit from having security gates installed. These include those that operate in commercial properties, such as offices, shops, shopping centres, or industrial facilities. Security gates can control access to these premises, protect assets, and enhance overall security. Manufacturing facilities can benefit from security gates too, especially since they tend to house valuable equipment and machinery. Data centres that contain critical IT infrastructure, educational institutions and healthcare facilities can also benefit.  

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