Farm Fencing Types: Everything You Need to Know About Rural Fencing

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Quality rural fencing is the backbone of your rural estate or farmstead.

Without it, your business would lack the organisation that working the land sorely needs in order to be sustainable. Therefore, investment in the right fencing is crucial to guarantee a low-maintenance solution for years to come.

Post and Railing Fencing - RTC Fencing

Farm Fencing Types

Here we’ll be giving an overview of everything you need to know about the types of rural fencing at RTC Fencing.

Estate Railings

Estate railings, as the name suggests, give the perimeter of a property the style, grandeur and practicality required of every large estate or farmland. With galvanised steel construction and tubular formation, the classic estate railing gives decades of virtually maintenance-free service. Matching gates are available, so aesthetics are uniform throughout the estate, and further options include powder coating in a choice of colours.

Stock Fencing

Stock fencing is a broad category and you’re sure to find the right kind of fencing to meet the needs of your livestock. Strength, durability and, in some instances, a little ‘give’ is needed for the fencing to be appropriate for animals such as cattle. There are full-metal options, stake and galvanised wire, barbed wire – the list of options is longer than a gate post is tall. Talk to your fencing contractor for advice on the right fence for your livestock.

Post and Rail Fencing

Timber post and rail fencing is strong and lasts for years, whilst giving a natural aesthetic to the lay of the land. It’s ideal for areas of farmland or estate where this finish is better suited than utilitarian fencing, such as stake and wire. Post and rail is a system of vertical wooden posts with 3 to 4 horizontal rails. The rails can be nailed in place or morticed and are either treated with Tanalith E or creosote for preservation purposes. There are also options for half-round rails or sawn square sections, depending on your needs. Farms, estates and equestrian are typical uses of post and rail.

Stake and Galvanised Wire Fencing

Stake and galvanised wire is designed to be a good multi-purpose fencing option, from boundary fences, to petting zoo pens, to kennels. The timber stakes are treated to preserve the wood over many years and have features such as chamfered tops and machine rounded edges, to protect animals and people from splinters. There are a variety of height options and and wire options, such as barbed wire and gripping tools to maintain consistent wire tension.
Like all fences, stake and galvanised wire is available in multiple configurations to suit its intended purpose.

We recommend using your trusted local supplier of rural fencing to gain peace of mind in case of emergency repairs, and for advice about unique fencing requirements in your area. The fencing you purchase will be as good as your contractor’s reputation, so never settle for anything less than the best.


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