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It’s important to select the right fencing for putting around the perimeter of a football pitch. There are numerous factors to consider, including the height of the fence, the style and the material. As well as fencing a gate will be needed for added security. So why is important that we fence off our football pitches? Here’s all you need to know.

Why should fencing be installed around a football pitch?

Fencing is installed around football pitches, mainly with safety and security in mind. Suitable, strong and durable fencing, with adequate gated access, aids in the protection of the pitch itself, the players and members of the general public. Here’s how:


  • It can prevent balls accidently being kicked, into roads, through windows, onto cars or even hitting pedestrians.
  • In the same way that a fence can prevent footballs and other objects from being kicked out, it also prevents other things from getting in. It’s especially useful if the pitch is located in or around a local park; a fence will stop stray balls from coming into play, as well as keeping out dogs who are enjoying their afternoon stroll.
  • Adequate fencing, together with a suitable gate, can keep trespassers off the pitch. This can prevent damage or theft of any equipment or additional resources which are kept onsite.

Things to consider before having sports ground fencing installed

There are numerous things to consider before having a sports fencing installed, in order to get the most out of your investment. Consider the sport(s) that will be played in or around the perimeter, the height of the fence and any gates that should be installed.


  • Style – close-gauge mesh fencing is best for stability and durability. Weld mesh, double wire and rebound mesh are all ideal styles for sports fencing.
  • Height– the fence should be tall enough to cover any skyward balls. Added height will also deter intruders from climbing over it.
  • Material – to prevent corrosion and weathering, steelwork ideally should be galvanised. Football fencing can also be coated in plastic for a professional veneer finish.
  • Gates – these should open outwards for the safety of the players, be easy to lock and subsequently open and be wide enough for wheelchair access. Depending on the size of the pitch, space the gates out to avoid congestion at peak times.
  • Spectator areas – these can be fenced off in various different ways using rails which usually stand at around 1.2m high. Spectator areas are perfect for creating an authentic football match atmosphere, as well as giving friends and families of the players the chance to watch the excitement unfold.



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