Fencing for Wind and Solar Farms

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In response to growing climate change concerns, societies across the globe are turning to alternative energy sources to reduce their carbon footprint and conserve resources. The emergence of wind and solar farms over the past decade is testament to the changing times, and it seems there are no signs of it slowing down. Wind and solar farms are only going to get larger, and the equipment more advanced and expensive.

Though these farms generate a positive impact on the world, their continued improvement and expansion increase the risk of criminal activity and animal interference. Hence, it is paramount for wind and solar farm owners to invest in high-quality fencing that effectively secures the perimeter. This article is going to explore the reason why fencing is so important for wind and solar farms, and which types of fences are best suited to the job.

Why is fencing important for wind and solar farms?

As wind and solar farms develop, the equipment that operates the farms are going to become more and more valuable to criminals. A fence — especially a security fence — will deter intruders from attempting to enter the premises, thus protecting your equipment and preventing loss.
Another issue is that as these farms grow in size, there is a higher chance of animals entering the premises and interfering with the equipment. This can cause a serious risk both to the welfare of the animal and to the operation of the farm. A fence will act as a barrier to protect against this.

What type of fencing is required for wind and solar farms?

The main requirement for a fence of this nature is that it needs to be secure. Here at RTC Fencing we offer two types of security fencing that can work effectively at protecting a wind and solar farm.

Palisade fencing Palisade fencing is a great choice to combat human intrusion. The lack of footholds make it very difficult to climb, and the spikes on top make it incredibly dangerous to manoeuver over. It quite an intimidating looking fence, and the spikes on top will certainly deter many opportunists from even attempting to intrude on your farm.

Mesh fencing Mesh fencing is a more aesthetically pleasing security solution that is better suited to help tackle threats of animal intrusion. The gaps are smaller than those of palisade fencing, and will therefore prevent more animals from making their way through. It’s shape also makes it difficult to climb, but unlike palisade fencing, doesn’t have any spikes on top.

Wire panel fencingIf your wind and solar farm is of a significant size, you might want to consider wire panel fencing. Though it doesn’t quite compare to the higher quality of mesh and palisade fencing, wire panel fencing is a cheaper alternative that will provide protection against animal intrusion and signify ‘no-entry’ to other people.


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