How Burglars Pick a House – Is Your Home & Business Premises Safe?

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Being the victim of a burglary can be a traumatic experience. While many people feel like it won’t happen to them, recent data suggests a burglary occurs in the UK every 40 seconds. It is important to remain vigilant and understand the features that make a house a potential target for intruders. This article will illustrate how burglars pick a house and will provide you with the knowledge on how installing a fence can protect yourself, your home and your family.


The majority of burglaries happen in a matter of minutes. Stealth and efficiency are key for a criminal and so potential intruders will be drawn towards houses where they can come and go quickly. Weak locks on doors are great assets to burglars as they allow the intruder to enter and exit the property in a very natural way. Potential onlookers may be less suspicious of someone who is walking through the front door. Windows may be a little more conspicuous, however many open windows still provide an opportunity for an intruder to sneak in and leave the property quickly. It is important to be weary of any easily accessible windows on the ground floor and make sure they are locked shut. Windows beyond the ground floor may seem like they are safe to keep open, but it is still important to recognise whether any trees, ledges or flat roofing leads to easy accessibility for an opportunistic criminal.

Installing a fence or security gate around the perimeter of your property provides a troublesome hurdle for potential intruders. Burglars plan on being efficient and stealthy and a security fence will be difficult to climb quickly or without drawing any attention. Fences that include sharp tops, such as our palisade security fencing, will act as extra nuisances to a potential intruder and they’ll be likely not to bother.


The last thing burglars want is to attempt to break into a home, only to be met with the piercing sound of a burglar alarm. Intruders will likely be deterred from any house that appears security-conscientious. This is why it’s a good idea to to place burglar alarms and lights visibly on your home. A lot of potential intruders will shy away from houses with security deterrents in plain sight as it alerts the criminal that other security measures will likely also be in place.

Security gates for homes are effective measures to show potential intruders that security is on the forefront of your mind. A large, intimidating metal perimeter will illustrate that you are diligent against intruders and this will likely deter them from taking any risks. Commercial security gates are also available to protect businesses and large industrial areas. Not only will this stop intruders from entering the property but will boost the image of your business by showing it is taking appropriate security measures.

At RTC Fencing, we provide a variety of fences to securely protect your home, site or business. Our expert team will assess your property to provide a bespoke fencing solution for every need. For more information, get in contact with our team today.


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