How do Armco Crash Barriers Work?

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Armco crash barriers are something you probably see every day but don’t actually know the specific name of. At RTC Fencing, we supply Armco barriers and wanted to give you more details about exactly what they are, where they’re used, why they’re used and what they’re made from.

Armco began in the 1990s, developing steel products with their crash barriers becoming some of their most popular, but how do they work and what makes them so popular?

Armco Barriers - RTC Fencing

How do Armco barriers work?

An Armco crash barrier works by absorbing the impact of a crash – usually involving a vehicle. Referred to as an Untensioned Corrugated Beam, the Armco barrier is developed in a ‘W’ shape. It’s this bending shape that allows for impact by slower-moving objects such as cars or bikes. Because the metal of the barrier is bent one way, it’s very hard to bend it the other way, and can therefore withstand more impact energy. The rail which holds the strip of ‘W’ shaped metal also often comes with a post to hold it, absorbing the impact from behind the strip.


Where and why are they used?

The Armco barrier is ideal for roads, car parks and industrial warehouses where there will be low-speed traffic. This is because any bumps or accidents can be contained, protecting structures and buildings from damage where vehicles like cars and forklifts are operated. While it might cost to replace a damaged barrier after a number of accidents, it would be far more costly to have to rebuild an entire portion of a building.

You may also recognise Armco barriers from high-speed roads too, such as motorways and dual carriageways. While the barriers may be completely destroyed during an accident, their main purpose is to stop vehicles from flipping or crashing onto the other side of the road. This prevents one accident from becoming many and helps increase the safety of our roads.

In an agricultural setting, barriers could be used to separate heavy livestock or contain animals. In addition, they could be used to protect buildings and livestock from large vehicles such as tractors or other plant machinery.


What are they made from?

Manufactured to meet BS 4872 industry standards, Armco barriers are made from galvanised steel (in line with BS 1461), providing a tough end product which can stand the test of time – even after multiple impacts. 

Weathering is not an issue for Armco barriers because of the steel structure. Exposed to the elements all year round, an Armco barrier will not be weakened or require replacement for many years unless damaged.


Different designs

Armco barriers come in straight strips as well as curved portions to help meet the requirements of any road. Depending on the purpose of your space, differing heights are available to protect from larger vehicles such as HGVs and SUVs.


At RTC Fencing we provide Armco barriers and security bollards to help you protect your site in the East Midlands. Whether you operate a commercial car park, an industrial warehouse or are a local authority seeking steel road barriers, look no further than our professional team. We supply and install a range of commercial fencing and barrier products for Leicester, Nottingham, Melton Mowbray, Derby and the surrounding region.

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