How New Fencing Can Increase the Value of Your Home

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When selling your home, it’s important to maximise the value of the property and do everything you can to make it as attractive as can be for potential buyers.



This month, we’re taking a look at how installing high quality fencing on your property can improve the value of your home before a sale.

Privacy is important

Privacy is a major concern for many homeowners, and fencing is one of the most effective ways of keeping prying eyes looking elsewhere. Adding high fencing to your property will definitely boost the appeal of your home to those conscious of nosy neighbours or opportunistic thieves, and can be used as a key selling point when putting it on the market.

Added security

High quality fencing will also improve the security of your property, contributing greatly to deterring break ins as thieves will not only have less chance to scout your property for visible goods and entryways, but will also have a harder time gaining access to your property in the first place.

A sturdy security fence will be a major advantage on the property market, and prospective buyers who value their personal security will likely be willing to spend more knowing they are investing in a property that comes with peace of mind.

It saves new owners time and effort

Convenience is always a major attraction when it comes to the property ladder. Lower offers will certainly be attributed to the buyer looking at the property and figuring out what work they would need to do later on, and fencing definitely comes into that process. If your property already has good quality fencing installed, the new owners know they won’t have to think about finding one on their own once the keys have changed hands, so will be much more likely to put in a higher offer.

A new, sturdy fence around your property will also show potential buyers that they won’t have to spend money any time soon on repairing or replacing broken panels or posts. A new fence that will last for a good number of years means one less hassle for new owners to worry about, which can influence how much your house will go on the market for.

Improved kerb appeal

The kerb appeal of your property refers to how attractive your property is when seen from the street. A high kerb appeal means a greater property value, and some well thought out fencing will go a long way to improving the kerb appeal of any property.

As one of the most eye catching aspects of any home, it’s important to choose a new fence that fits with the style of your home so you can maximise the kerb appeal of your property. Putting some thought into how the fence will fit in with your garden, the design of your home and the surrounding area will make the difference between naturally attractive fencing and fencing that sticks out and draws attention for all the wrong reasons.

A new fence is important because an old, worn, discoloured or damaged wooden fence will detract viewers and could be a key factor in keeping your home on the market for months or years. Putting the time and effort into replacing an old fence to rejuvenate the exterior look of your property will pay dividends as it creates a more idyllic and welcoming site to anyone scouting for a new place to live.


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