How Security Fencing Protects Your Home or Business

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Security fencing is a wise investment to make for any homeowner or business owner. We all have valuable belongings and loved ones that we’d like to keep safeguarded from some of the more unsavoury characters in the world, and security fencing is one of the best options for providing that protection. There are many ways security fencing helps to keep your property safe, and we’ve listed a few here to make you aware of the benefits.


Provides a strong and durable barrier

The main advantage of security fencing lies with the strength and durability of the material and the impregnable welded joints. The structure and build of security fencing is designed to withstand tremendous force and almost all attempts to gain entry or penetrate the barrier. With security fencing installed, you are making your property as secure as possible, and that security will withhold for decades without weakening.

Unclimbable by design

Security fencing is designed in a way that makes it almost impossible to climb; palisade fencing posts are placed very close together, making it unlikely that even the narrowest foot can squeeze inside, and the horizontal supports are placed at very far distances so intruders can’t get any purchase to climb up, while mesh fencing relies on very tiny squares that make it impossible for hands or feet to find any support to climb. This gives you peace of mind that not only can intruders not break through your fence, they also can’t scale it.

Intimidating appearance

The appearance of security fencing alone can be enough to intimidate thieves from your property as it presents a pretty formidable opponent for them. Not only that, but knowing that you have already taken one very strong safety measure can insinuate that you have many other safety measures in place that make any attempt at gaining entry seem not worthwhile.

Reduced visibility

Security fencing prevents opportunistic thieves getting close enough to your premises to spot anything valuable that they could take, reducing the risk of people wanting to gain entry to your property.
All of these features of security fencing combine to make a very strong all-round safety measure that can provide maximum protection for your home or business. Security fencing can be personalised in many ways to make it even more beneficial for your building, giving you complete peace of mind that your security measures are taken care of.

RTC Fencing are a leading supplier of high quality security fencing across Leicester, Nottingham, Melton, Mowbray and Derby.

We examine your site to offer advice on which security fencing would provide the best protection for your property, and we’ll install your chosen fencing to ensure an expert installation that will hold up against vandals or potential thieves. We carry a line of both palisade and mesh fencing, so we’re sure to have the perfect security measure for you.

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