How to prepare your commercial railings for winter

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Winter can present big challenges when it comes to railings, so it’s best to take action now before the temperatures plummet further. We can provide you with long-lasting commercial railings in Leicester, Nottingham, and Birmingham. At RTC Fencing, we have been supplying commercial railings of the highest quality for many years. All of the railings that we supply are fitted by our in-house, highly qualified staff. If you’re not sure what kind of railings to purchase, we can provide you with the advice you need so you can come to an informed decision. Read on to find out more about the types of railings that we offer and how to prepare them for winter. 


The types of railings that we offer


We specialise in the supply and installation of two types of commercial railings in Nottingham, Leicester, and Birmingham. These are bow top and vertical bar railings. You can find out more about these options below.


Bow top railingsBow Top Railings Birmingham


Our bow top railings come complete with curved tops and are available in interlaced, bow in bow, and bar in bow styles. You can opt for any colour you like. This allows you to match them with the colour of your premises. Our bow top railings are perfect for both residential and commercial properties and are often installed outside new builds, schools, and office blocks.


Vertical bar railings


Vertical bar railings are taller than bow top railings. This makes them ideal for those looking to tighten up their security standards. One big advantage vertical bar railings have other standard security fencing is that they are much more aesthetically pleasing. There are many different colours and top styles to choose from. These railings are commonly seen around car parks, parks, playgrounds, and open public spaces.


Choose your railings carefully


We recommend taking your time when choosing the right railings for your needs. Not only might unsuitable railings, fences, or gates compromise the appearance of your environment, but they may also fail to meet your security requirements. At RTC Fencing, we have the skills and expertise needed to help you select the best type of railings for your premises. 


Taking care of your railings during the winterbow top School Fencing Nottingham


If you have already installed or are about to install railings, it’s vital to prepare them for winter. Winter moisture and freezing temperatures can cause considerable damage to your railings. One of the most important steps to take when preparing your railings for the colder months is to use waterproof sealant. The sealant can provide a waterproof barrier to prevent damage. We also advise you to inspect your railings for damage on a regular basis. If you do this, you can identify and fix faults before they worsen and end up costing you more. Fallen branches, ice, and harsh winds can all cause your railings to become damaged. An experienced professional may be able to spot problems that you haven’t yet identified, helping you to protect your investment.


More about railings maintenance


It’s also essential to check the footings that keep your railings secure. Soil can add moisture to the materials that keep your installation in place. You may need to cover the area around the footings to protect them. Trim back any overhanging branches that could threaten the integrity of your railings. Reinforce any parts that could be weakened before the coldest and most challenging weather strikes.


Signs that your railings need replacing


Sometimes it’s better to simply replace your railings rather than to attempt costly repairs that may prove ineffective. Signs that your railings need replacing include looseness, rusting, and other corrosion. You may have a problem with worn wood, or your metal may have started to rust. If the appearance of your railings has declined, your business may start to look unprofessional, impacting its success. Installing tough new railings can help you make the right impression and impress your customers and clients.


Why choose us?


At RTC Fencing, we have railings to suit any property. We have been in the fencing and railings installation business for more than 20 years, and we can provide strong, high-quality materials that suit your budget. All the work we carry out is fully guaranteed. Choose RTC if you’re seeking workmanship of the highest calibre. Why not get in touch today to arrange your free site survey? Once we have visited your premises to assess your needs, we will provide a competitive quotation. 


If you do decide to proceed, we will confirm your order and your installation date. Take a look at the testimonials on our site so you can see what our customers have been saying about us. Many of our customers have been with us for many years, allowing us to meet their requirements time and time again.


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To get your quote for railings or fencing, give us a call or request a callback via our site. We specialise in security, wooden, rural, school, sports ground, wind, and solar farm railings. We can also assist you if you’re seeking site hoardings or gates. When you choose RTC Fencing, you’ll receive further advice on how to keep your railings in great condition once they’ve been installed. 


We want you to be truly satisfied with the purchase that you have made, with our team matching you with the perfect railings for your requirements and providing a high standard of aftercare once they’ve been installed. Whether you need new railings to make your property more secure and prevent trespassers or to improve the appearance of your premises, we can help.


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