How to Protect Your Security Fence from Vandalism

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It can be worrying when your security fencing is targeted by thieves (to gain entry) or vandals, so we’re on hand to tell you how it can be prevented. From avoiding pale colours to keeping the surrounding areas clean and tidy, there are a few simple, easy ways to keep criminals away from your boundary, and we’ll be detailing them in this article.

How to protect your security fence from vandalism

It can be difficult to prevent your security fencing from being vandalised. However, there are some quick and simple ways of ensuring the likelihood of it happening is kept to an absolute minimum, and we’re going to tell you what they are.

Avoid white or pale colours – from site hoardings to palisade and mesh fencing, it’s important that you pick darker colours for your security fencing. This will deter vandals from graffitiing on it, as it won’t provide the white, blank canvas they’re looking for.

Keep the surrounding areas neat and tidy – ‘The Broken Window Theory’, which was introduced by James Q. Wilson and George L. Kelling in 1982, is the idea that visible signs of vandalism and other petty crimes will attract and encourage further crime, thus causing an area to go into disrepair. By keeping your premises, and the surrounding areas, clean and tidy, vandals will be less likely to target your security fence.

Make it difficult for the vandals – try planting prickly bushes or shrubs in front of your security fencing to prevent anyone getting too close to it. Safeguard all vulnerable points and think about applying an anti-graffiti coating to the fence – it prevents the paint from bonding to any surface, regardless of the material your security fence is constructed from.

Ensure your fence is visible – if vandals believe that someone may potentially see them carrying out the crime, they’re less likely to risk doing it in the first place. Make your fence as visible as possible by keeping it clear of construction materials and other items. You could even make it stand out more by installing dusk-till-dawn security lighting, drawing more attention towards your fence.

Benefits of mesh fencing

There are many reasons why the installation of a mesh fence would benefit commercial premises, including:

Aesthetically pleasing – mesh fencing can provide a very sleek, modern edge to your premises. Wire mesh fencing is constructed in a neat and precise way, giving your commercial property a tidy appearance.

Good visibility – it enables you to see what is happening in and around your premises, which is also a good security measure. You’ll be able to spot suspicious behaviour from the comfort of your own property, giving you extra peace of mind.

Highly versatile – mesh fencing can be used in a variety of different applications, from school playgrounds to sports grounds, mesh fencing is the ideal choice for a wide range of commercial settings.

Available in a range of colours – where dark green is usually the standard colour for mesh fencing, it is possible to have it a different colour. From bright red to a stand-out yellow, you’ll have plenty of choice when it comes to the colour of your mesh fencing.

Robust reputation – it would be very difficult for someone to saw or chisel their way through mesh fencing. Despite its appearance, the mesh used to construct it is incredibly strong and durable, and so it would prove to be a challenge for those looking for quick access. It would also take a considerable amount of time for a criminal to destroy mesh fencing to allow a person to climb through. As a result, the likelihood of them being caught is high – so they won’t bother trying in the first place.

Easy to maintain – you won’t have to worry about these blowing down in a storm or worry about them looking tired, worn and dirty. Mesh fencing is perfect if you’re looking for a fence which requires very little maintenance – ideal if you run a busy and successful company or school.

Can provide a good level of security – mesh fencing is incredibly hard for criminals to climb, so with the right metal gate, your property will be protected from thieves and vandals with the installation of mesh fencing.

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Benefits of palisade fencing

Typically used to protect large-scale commercial premises, palisade fencing has a number of benefits, including:

They act as a deterrent – with pointed metal ends (also known as Security Topping), palisade fencing acts as a deterrent for any criminals looking to trespass on your property. They wouldn’t risk scaling the fence for fear of landing or falling on the spikes above.

It’s difficult to climb – much like mesh fencing, climbing palisade fencing would prove to be quite the challenge. With very little to hold onto, it wouldn’t be easy to scale – this would also deter thieves as they may be more inclined to go in search of a premises that isn’t as secure as yours.

Incredibly durable – the materials used to construct palisade fencing are fully approved by the appropriate authorities. So you can rest assured that your fence will be of the highest quality and constructed to exceptional standards here at RTC Fencing. Palisade fencing can also be protected from rusting, giving them an even longer lifespan.

Easily maintained – all that’s required is checking for loose bolts every now and again, but other than that, they really require very little maintenance. It’s also highly unlikely that palisade fencing will blow down in a storm, or particularly windy weather.

The installation process is quicker than alternatives – as an ideal alternative to boundary walls, palisade fencing can be erected remarkably quickly in comparison. Simply acquire all relevant permission from neighbours or anyone you share land with before agreeing to have palisade fencing (or any other kind of boundary) installed.

Can be used for a variety of premises – from sports grounds to commercial sites, palisade fencing is ideal for protecting a wide range of premises, giving you absolute peace of mind.

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