How to Secure Your Car Park

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A secure car park is fundamental to protecting both the vehicles and their human cargo from harm. Everything from crash barriers to CCTV, it’s imperative that your car park is kept safe and secure.  


Mesh fencing is perfectly designed for commercial premises. From office buildings to sports grounds, mesh fencing is ideal for any premises where high fencing is paramount. Mesh fencing is affordable and aesthetically pleasing, helping to keep unwanted visitors out and everything/everyone inside the perimeter safe.

Palisade fencing is commonly used to surround areas which require vast amounts of fencing, making it the ideal solution for industrial properties. Just like mesh fencing, palisade fencing is affordable, so you don’t need to compromise on the safety and security of your premises.

We offer an installation service and expert advice for all of your fencing needs.


Security gates are a great way to properly secure your car park. Not only does it make it physically harder for criminals to enter your premises, it also acts as a deterrent. There aren’t many thieves who would go through the trouble of getting past your security gates, let alone accessing anything inside the perimeter.
We manufacture, supply and install bespoke gates, ensuring you’re provided with the perfect gate for your property.

Razor Wire

Razor wire is an effective deterrent with regards to intrusion and trespassing on private property. Typically, razor wire is installed across the top of existing fencing, making it truly hazardous for anyone wanting to climb over the top. Razor wire is fairly inexpensive, quick to install and highly versatile for use across the commercial sector.

Installing razor wire is a risky task to undertake. Protect yourself from harm and hire one of our experienced professionals to fit it all for you.


This is one of the most important steps in securing your car park. Although you may assume that installing a CCTV system will cost an eye-watering amount, many are on the market for a relatively affordable amount.
They make for the ultimate crime deterrent, CCTV cameras are constantly monitoring the area, therefore, should any criminality occur, evidence has already been efficiently collected.

Armco Barriers & Security Bollards

Armco barriers are an essential addition to any car park. They will provide optimum security at any commercial premises, manufactured to meet all relevant safety guidelines, these steel barriers are a simple, cost effective way of protecting your car park.
Security bollards can be used to prevent vehicles from entering pedestrianised zones, enhancing the security of those walking to and from their cars. Bollards are an effective, minimalist, affordable way of keeping automobiles out of specific areas.
These steel security systems are a practical way of regulating access to your car park, ensuring both the people and their cars are protected against damage. Despite these physical barriers, you’d still have complete control of your property.


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