How to Secure your Home with a Wooden Gate

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You might have installed a beautiful, sturdy wooden fence around your property, but it won’t be complete until you install a wooden gate to go with it. Wooden gates are a great way to enhance the security of your property while maintaining its attractive appeal.


If security is a concern for you, the team at RTC Fencing are here to show you how to secure your property with a wooden gate and what considerations are the most important.

Gate Height

The height of your gate could be a very important factor in deterring trespassers, and when it comes to security, half the battle is effective deterrence. Firstly, your wooden gate will block site of your property to passersby, which will help prevent against opportunistic criminals from spotting valuables through bedroom or downstairs windows. Having a gate high enough that someone can’t easily look over the top is important – the less a criminal can see, the less likely they are to attempt a break-in.

If you have a fence installed, it is likely already a suitable height for security and privacy purposes, so matching the height of your fence will not only bolster your perimeter security, but also maintain its appealing aesthetics. Your gate should fit right in with your fence so the perimeter looks consistently strong throughout.

Locking a wooden gate

Should someone try to gain access to your property through your gate, you will need to make sure that it is securely locked. Proper locks will allow you to limit and control access to your garden and will bolster the security of your gate tenfold.

A wooden fence should have secure bolt locks installed, and it is a good idea to have these at the top and bottom of the gate. You can never be too safe when it comes to the security of your property, and multiple strong locks on your gate will make it much harder for criminals to break through or buckle the gate into submission.

For extra safety, padlocking the bolts will enhance the security of your gate even further. This is a particularly useful idea if you’re going away on holiday and need some added peace of mind. A criminal that does try to break through a gate, but is met with strong resistance from a sturdy locking system, will likely give up their attempt for fear of getting caught while attempting to gain access.

Gate strength

Just like when choosing a fence for your property, a wooden gate needs to be strong enough to stand up to force. A gate that will buckle, split or collapse with the slightest effort is no good; criminals will identify it as a weak point instantly. Thick, properly installed bracing on the back of your wooden gate will provide a significant durability and strength increase, and should knock back attempts to kick the gate in.

The strength of your gate will also depend on the frame. Bolstering the frame like you have the backing rails will give you the sturdiest wooden gate possible and will be incredibly tough to break down in a short period of time – and criminals don’t want to spend very long at all trying to gain access.

A strong, reinforced wooden gate with a proper, comprehensive locking system in place will provide your property with a dramatic security upgrade, all without interfering with the look and appeal of your home.

RTC Fencing supply and install high quality bespoke wooden gates, providing you with the security need to your individual requirements. Our experienced team install all gates to the strictest standards and regulations, ensuring a long lasting and secure wooden gate that is both strong and attractive. For expert advice on what kind of wooden gate would best suit your property, get in touch with our friendly team today.

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