Should I Use Wooden or Concrete Fence Posts?

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When choosing between wooden fence posts and concrete posts, you need to consider the importance of functional and strong material. Furthermore, you also need to evaluate the aesthetic qualities and longevity of the material before buying. We take a look at the age-old question of, should I use wooden or concrete fence posts?

Concrete Or Wooden Fence Posts

Wooden Fencing in Leicester

If you’re torn between wooden posts and concrete posts, don’t worry. The team here at RTC Fencing have put together this guide on the basic qualities of each material to allow you to select the best post for your requirements.


A wooden fence with concrete posts could look disjointed and odd. Furthermore, a singularity in the material will look thought out and create smooth lines. For domestic purposes, wooden posts offer a more pleasing aesthetic. They also have the ability to be painted, glossed or varnished for a more polished and personalised appearance.


Wooden posts have to be screwed directly into the fence, which makes the entire structure more secure. This in turn means they will be more than likely to withstand strong winds or potential damages. A concrete post wouldn’t fit as securely into a wooden fence. This in turn making it a potential weak point in the fence for intruders or weather damage.


Wooden posts are lighter and easy to install. Whereas concrete posts require more manpower to lift and manoeuvre and could need to be cemented into the ground. This will in turn to make them secure, however, it makes the installation process lengthier.


Wooden Fencing in Leicester

Concrete posts are without a doubt much more durable than wooden posts, and unlike wooden posts, are not susceptible to rot, which makes them much more long-lasting. A concrete fence post guarantees a long lifespan that can withstand much more damage than a wooden fence, making it the perfect choice for those wanting to secure their premises for as long as possible.


The initial cost of purchase and installation weighs heavily in favour of wooden fence posts, which are substantially cheaper than concrete posts, but when you take into consideration the robust nature and longevity of concrete posts, you might find that the initial investment is far more cost-effective than the cost of having to replace broken or damaged wooden posts regularly.

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