Site Hoarding Inspection Checklist

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To ensure your site hoardings are compliant with all regulations and keep your staff, equipment and the public safe, this month RTC Fencing are providing a handy checklist.

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Site Hoarding Inspection Checklist


Secured Gates

Regulation 13 (6) stipulates that you need a method of controlled access for your site. Therefore, a purpose-built gate must be installed that is big enough to let your largest vehicles pass through on to site.

If you are expecting there to be heavy traffic in and out of the gates, you should also install a separate gate for workers to pass through safely.

Secured access: for exceptionally large construction sites, employ a guard or a worker to inspect IDs, permits and to oversee deliveries. This will ensure your site is secure and your workers are safe at all times.

Adequate Signage

To abide by regulation 27 (2), you must provide clear and informative signage. All signs must be displayed when there is a significant risk to health and safety.

No matter what level the risk, there must be signage to warn against it. Whether it is to remind workers that hard hats must be worn at all times, or a sign to denote a hazardous waste area – you must affix the appropriate signs in these areas of your site.

Hoardings Adjustments

You need to plan well in advance so that your site hoardings will change as your construction project develops.

Over a period of time, the construction of buildings and the need to move temporary buildings, equipment and vehicles to new locations will require adaptable hoardings. Ensure you organise this in advance so that you can continue to work legally.

Perimeter Inspections

It is mandatory to carry out perimeter inspections periodically while the hoardings are erected. You must also keep a record of who inspected the perimeter and when for accountability’s sake. Make sure to draw up a simple timetable and stick to it.

Is the plywood used to make the site hoardings FSC approved?

If not, your site hoardings may not come from a renewable source and you could be failing to meet your ecological commitments.

Does your hoardings provider offer next day repairs?

This is essential as your site must be protected at all times. If your hoardings are damaged in any way, the safety of your site could be compromised and you are liable for any accidents. Make sure that quick and comprehensive repairs are on hand at all times.


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