The benefits of industrial gates

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Industrial gates can offer enhanced security, helping to keep your assets and people safe. Many business owners spend time worrying about digital threats to their organisations, but we mustn’t overlook the physical dangers that we still face. You need to ensure that all aspects of your business are protected from criminal activity. Let’s explore the benefits of industrial gates right now.

Protect people and assets

A great reason for having industrial gates installed is that they can make it much harder for would-be intruders to enter your property. This is why it’s so common to see industrial gates installed outside buildings like hospitals, schools, prisons and businesses. These gates can give you an extra layer of security and can also act as a physical deterrent, making potential intruders think twice about even attempting to enter your property.

The gates can make your people feel safer, which is great for workplace morale. Installing these gates shows your people that you care about their well-being and are willing to go the extra mile to protect them. They can also prevent unwanted vehicles from entering your property.

PrivacyIndustrial gates in Leicester

Another reason why industrial gates are so popular is that they can enhance your level of privacy. They can make it harder or even impossible for people to see what’s happening on the other side of your gate. This can be great for your peace of mind.

Improved access and control

It’s possible to add various features to your industrial gates to make them even more secure. Features that have become popular amongst the owners of industrial gates include keypads, card readers and telephone entry systems.

Aesthetic appeal

Industrial gates in Birmingham are great for those wishing to enhance their security standards, but they can also improve the curb appeal of a property. There are many elegant designs to choose from, and fantastic options are available whether you’re looking for something contemporary, traditional or a fusion of the two. We can create industrial gates that blend in seamlessly with the wider environment. Industrial gates can also enhance the value of your property. Electric gates with ornate styling can make your business premises appear much more prestigious.

Reduced insurance payments

As industrial gates make your property more secure, they can also help you reduce your insurance premiums. This is because they decrease the likelihood of trespassers including thieves entering your property. They therefore make it less likely that you will need to make an insurance claim in future. They also make it less likely that your property will be attacked by vandals and that accidents will occur on your site.

High weather resistance

Advancements in technology have made today’s gates incredibly resistant to the effects of inclement weather. There are many low-maintenance options available that can look great for years before they need repairs or replacement.

Return on investment

You can expect to receive back much of the money that you spend on security gates through reduced insurance premiums. They also mean you’re less likely to have to worry about replacing assets that have been stolen or damaged by intruders.

Industrial gates in NottinghamAutomatic locking

Many systems lock themselves automatically after use. This means you don’t have to worry about individuals forgetting to lock them when they leave your site. It’s also possible to invest in systems that will open and close without you even needing to leave your vehicle.

How to choose the right installer of industrial gates

If you are considering installing industrial gates on your property, it’s best to do your homework and spend time weighing up what multiple installers have to offer. Head online to look at reviews and compare quotes to ensure you’re not paying more than you need to. Ask as many questions as you feel you need to before you go ahead and proceed with an order. You may also get the chance to look at previous installations a company you’re considering choosing has carried out.

Industrial gates in Birmingham 

Now you know more about the benefits of industrial gates, you may be wondering who can help you when you want to install them. At RTC Fencing, we have a great deal of experience when it comes to installing industrial gates in Birmingham. Each member of our installation team is fully trained and has a CSCS card. They also work directly for us. We do not outsource this work to anyone else. This means you can relax in the knowledge that all work we complete will meet the highest standards.

We are also able to offer free site visits so we can assess the situation and identify which steps we need to take to ensure your installation is carried out flawlessly. We can then provide you with a quote. At RTC Fencing, we are as professional as we are reliable. All of our work comes with a full guarantee. Our hard-working professionals always turn up on time and have many years of experience behind them.

Bespoke industrial gate installations

We can provide you with tailor-made industrial gate installations that meet your needs perfectly. Although we offer some of the finest installations in the industry, we’re also able to offer you some of the most competitive prices around. This means you can rest assured that your gates will meet all your security, decorative and budgetary needs. Our industrial gates are also popular with people living in high-value residential homes including larger properties.

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