The History of Fences [ Infographic ]

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Are you ready to find out more about the history of fences? If so, we have you covered. Fences have a long, rich and fascinating history. If you’re interested in investing in fences in Leicester or Nottingham and want to know more about how fences became such important parts of our daily lives, read on.

The history of fences

Where does the word “fence” come from?Security Fencing in Leicester

The word “fence” originated in the 14th Century when the term ‘fens’ was used to describe defence and protection. The term is defined in the Oxford Dictionary today as “a structure serving as a barrier, boundary or enclosure, usually made of posts or stakes joined together by boards, wire, or rails. It surrounds, separates, keeps away, it defends.”.

Fences emerged when the concepts of property, family and agriculture started to become very important parts of people’s lives. They helped to cement the concept of private land and tell us that a specific environment belongs to someone. The first people to use fences were the Greeks before the Romans also started to opt for them too. Fences were used to divide terrains and played a pivotal role in conquering territory.

Who invented the fence?

Historians have been unable to pinpoint the specific inventor or inventors of the fence. However, people have been using fencing to keep people off property for centuries. The second king of Rome, Numa, said that any men who owned land should outline it with stones to honour the god Terminalia to celebrate their conquest.

Speaking about the invention of the fence, Jean-Jacques Rousseau said: “ The first man who, having fenced in a piece of land, said ‘ This is mine,’ and found people naïve enough to believe him, that man was the true founder of civil society.”

The Anglo-Saxons were very enthusiastic about growing hedges to act as fencing due to the way that they were so beneficial for their soil, wildlife and crops. Early American settlers made Virginia Worm Fences to claim land, whilst Native Americans in the east of the United States enclosed their villages with high stockades. In the 19th century, the invention of barbed wire was used by Wild West ranchers. This was to keep new settlers out of the land that they had claimed.

Which materials have been used to make fences over the years?

During the Bronze Age, fences were often manufactured from tough resilient stone. The Anglo-Saxons were big fans of worm fences. These were structures of rough wooden rails which crossed at angles and didn’t need posts to be driven into the ground. The Victorians often used wrought iron grids that had complex ornate details.

What is the purpose of fences today?Wooden Fencing

Fences play a pivotal role in determining who does and doesn’t have the authority to enter a property. Even today, fences have caused conflict between neighbours clashing about where fences should be placed, what they should look like and how high they should be. One of the ways to avoid disputes when installing fencing is to opt for a popular visual style and to ensure it’s not encroaching on someone else’s territory.

What are the key benefits of fences?

Fences offer a wide range of benefits for today’s homeowners. They can act as deterrents and intruders whilst making properties more secure. They can also stop children and pets from escaping properties and ensure they stay safe whilst they are playing in gardens. 

Fences create clear boundaries between properties to prevent accidental trespassing. They can also provide us with extra privacy whilst we’re relaxing and socialising on our property. Another key benefit of installing a high-quality fence is that it can improve the visual appeal of your property. Fences can even help you gain more control over weeds and stop them from transferring from your neighbouring gardens.

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