What are the benefits of post on block site hoarding?

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Are you wondering ‘What are the benefits of post on block site hoarding’? If so, this article is for you. Over recent years, it’s become extremely common for fencing and hoarding contractors to use precast concrete blocks for foundations, counterweights and kentledge for temporary and permanent fencing. Instead of the traditional option of digging the posts into the ground. There are many advantages of using quality precast blocks.

What are the key benefits of using precast blocks?

One of the main benefits of post on block site hoarding in Nottingham is that there is no need for posts to be dug in. Using precast blocks is that it allows you to eliminate any worries about the costs and challenges linked to digging holes and using ready mix concrete/post mix. There’s no need to worry about the expense of digging into tough ground. The expense of delivering the right support changes to a fixed cost from a hard-to-estimate cost. 

Another key benefit of using precast blocks is that you don’t need to worry about a third party such as a supplier letting you down. There is also no need to be concerned about bad weather. Making it difficult or impossible for you to dig the holes. This kind of hoarding can easily be set and removed. Whereas if posts are used they need to be dug in first.

A tidier worksite

Another reason why it’s become so popular to opt for post on site block hoarding is that there is no need to dig holes, dispose of the spoil or backfill with wet concrete. This means you can expect to see a tidier, more professional-looking worksite. This option can also help you to make big savings on insurance. If you are able to remove risks from the process of adding hoarding to your site, you should see insurance costs reduced. Insurance is one of the biggest overheads that you might face when having this kind of work carried out on your site. But by opting for post on site block hoarding you can bring costs down.

Reduce the risk of injury and save time

If you use precast concrete kentledge blocks, you can reduce the risk of injuries linked to heavy hand digging as well as accidental collisions between vehicles and labourers. The process also tends to be much quicker. Positioning, levelling drilling and fixing posts to these blocks is not a lengthy process compared to the alternative. Using these blocks to support precast blocks on uneven ground is also a shorter process in comparison to digging holes and positioning posts at varying depths so a level fence can be maintained.

Safer and more stable

One more benefit of this option is that it can be regarded as safer. It also tends to deliver more stability after installation. Engineers can include information such as wind loading data as well as details on this kind of fence and hoarding so the counterweight requirements can be calculated confidently. Precast blocks are available in various heights. Fixing systems can be specified in line to withstand pullout forces. 

Fencing and hoarding are commonly added to urban spaces. This means the old, more traditional option is not always suitable. Low-strength concrete is often used when posts are dug into the ground. Nonetheless, a considerable amount of hoarding and fencing is still being installed in this manner. Even when the foundations are unsuitable.

Easier to remove

Another answer to the question ‘what are the benefits of post on block site hoarding’ is that the fencing or hoarding is quicker to remove once the project comes to an end. The process of dismantling the fencing is a quick, clean and easy one. There is no waste to get rid of, and you won’t have to repair or fill any holes. Just unbolt the posts from the blocks and remove the entire system. So it can then be used for a subsequent project if needed. 

This kind of hoarding solution is also easier to use in urban environments. As there is no need to break any ground. Theirs is little to no risk of expensive paving being damaged. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about creating disruption when you opt for this quick, simple solution.

Site Hoarding iN leicester An eco-friendly option

This kind of hoarding may also be the best solution if you’ve been seeking an eco-friendlier option. There is no need for soil to be removed from your site. Furthermore, you won’t have to have readymix concrete delivered to your site. This means you’ll be creating less waste and your carbon footprint will be smaller. Many contractors using concrete blocks for hoarding say they have found the planning process easier. What’s more is that these blocks are not difficult to stack when they’re not being used, and they don’t take up a lot of yard space.

A more affordable solution

There is one more advantage to discuss if you’ve been wondering ‘what are the benefits of post on block site hoarding?’. One of the most talked-about benefits of using this kind of hoarding is that it is generally much cheaper than the below-ground option. Even if this is your only reason for moving to post on block site hoarding. It could still benefit you remarkably.

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