What Are the Different Types of Security Fencing?

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When it comes to security, you need fencing which is sturdy and robust, and metal fencing is by far the superior choice. For any commercial business or public area in need of comprehensive security fencing, you can’t afford to opt for anything other than dedicated metal security fencing.

That’s why, this month, we’re taking a look at the different types of security fencing available, and where each would benefit you the most.

Palisade Fencing

Steel palisade fencing offers comprehensive security to large industrial sites, and locations such as railway lines. Palisade fencing is extremely robust and hard wearing, and not only provides a strong physical barrier to invaders, but also makes for an imposing, effective deterrent.

One of the most effective security features of any metal fence is sufficient height, and palisade fencing can be constructed to suit your exact height requirements. The fence itself is incredibly difficult to climb on or over, and can even be finished to fight against rust. This allows a palisade fence to provide comprehensive security to any site for many years, making it a cost effective security solution, too.

Palisade fencing is widely used to protect large scale industrial buildings, but can be used to secure just about any commercial structure or premises where crime or vandalism is a common occurrence.

The visual deterrent created by palisade fencing clearly communicates to trespassers that security is taken seriously, and not only is this ideal for enhancing security to commercial properties, but is great for restricting access to dangerous locations – i.e power stations or railways.

Mesh Fencing

Mesh fencing is a popular security measure, mainly due to its versatility and low aesthetic impact. This makes it ideal for public areas like playgrounds, sports grounds or parks, where visual appeal and security are both important.

Mesh fencing can be installed at a much greater height than standard fencing, and is acts as a durable barrier to prevent easy access for intruders. As with palisade fencing, mesh fencing is also an effective deterrent, posing a far greater challenge to criminals than standard wooden fencing, making it suitable for areas where vandalism is a threat. Welded mesh fencing is difficult to break through or damage, so for sites currently bordered by wooden fencing, which is a target for opportunistic vandals, it acts as a perfect replacement.

The aesthetic appeal and robust nature of mesh fencing – combined with its relatively low cost – makes it a very attractive security measure, and it can be designed and constructed specific to your site requirements.

The experienced team at RTC Fencing provide efficient and professional installation of security fencing to clients throughout Leicester, Nottingham, Melton Mowbray and Derby. Whether you need steel palisade fencing for your warehouse or industrial premises, or mesh fencing for a commercial property or sports ground, look no further than RTC Fencing. For more information, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our friendly team today.

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