What are vertical bar railings?

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Are you looking for strong and hardwearing security railings? If so, consider vertical bar railings in Nottingham, Leicester or Birmingham. Ideal for a wide range of commercial sites, they can be effective at deterring and preventing intruders from gaining access. Read on to find out what are vertical bar railings and how your business can benefit from them. 

Vertical bar railings: an effective security solution Vertical bar Railings in Leicester

Many businesses choose our vertical bar railings in Nottingham, Leicester, and Birmingham. They offer a highly effective security solution due to being so tough to breach. As well as being hard to climb over and difficult to damage, they’re also considered to be more aesthetically pleasing than other types of fencing, such as palisade. They offer a high level of security but without creating an intimidating appearance. This makes them ideal for sites where style and welcoming atmosphere are equally as important as security. 

Meeting the required security standards 

Choosing security fencing for your site doesn’t have to be a gamble. At RTC Fencing, we supply fencing that is Loss Prevention Standard (LPS) certified. Fencing with an LPS 1175 certification is ideal for sites that require a very high level of security. The minimum certification is SR1, and to achieve this, fencing needs to resist an attack using tools like cable cutters, knives and screwdrivers for up to 10 minutes. Our vertical bar railings provide an exceptional level of security for businesses in many different industries. Sites like schools, parks, and public places can also benefit. 

Durable and hardwearing

Our vertical bar railings are also very durable and hardwearing, capable of withstanding all that the British weather has to throw at them. Manufactured to an impeccable standard by our experienced team, you can rest assured that their appearance and performance won’t diminish just a few short years after installation. They will continue protecting your site long into the future, whatever challenges they face. Our vertical bar railings won’t suffer from corrosion due to the elements and are very difficult to damage or vandalise. They’re a worthy investment that can benefit your business for a long time to come.  

Bespoke railings to meet your needs 

At RTC Fencing, we specialise in the manufacture of vertical bar railings. Our manufacturing capabilities allow us to deliver bespoke railings to meet your specific requirements. Vertical bar railings are already designed to make it difficult for intruders to climb over. However, they can be customised to make it almost impossible. This fencing can be topped with barbed wire or razor wire to provide even greater security. For premises where a less obtrusive fence topping is required, we can provide security comb fence spikes that provide an effective deterrent without the intimidating aesthetic.

We can offer railings in a variety of RAL colours, allowing you to select the perfect shade to suit your brand. The powder-coated finish not only makes the railings more aesthetically pleasing but also makes them more durable. They are even more capable of withstanding exposure to the elements. 

The importance of secure perimeter fencing

Don’t underestimate the importance of secure perimeter fencing for your business premises. Perimeter fencing is the first line of defence around your organisation, responsible for deterring and keeping out would-be intruders. The right fencing can prevent intruders from gaining access, protecting not just your assets but your staff and visitors too. The peace of mind that comes with knowing that your site is benefiting from the highest level of security is priceless. Vertical bar railings: 

Detect and delay determined intruders

Prevent intruders from accessing your site or removing your property 

Aid the apprehending of would-be intruders

Vertical Bar railings in Nottingham Choose RTC for vertical bar railings

Now you know what are vertical bar railings and how they can benefit your business, you may be looking for a fencing company that can supply them. At RTC Fencing, we’ve been manufacturing and installing this type of fencing for many years, building a fantastic reputation for our top quality products and high level of service.

 Our vertical bar railings are manufactured to the highest possible standards, making sure they not only look and function optimally but stand the test of time too. They will continue enhancing your business’s security for many years to come. Our professional team can install your vertical bar railings on either level or sloping ground, using the best, most effective techniques. 

Expert advice is always available here at RTC Fencing. So, whether you’re wondering what are vertical bar railings or you have questions about the other fencing solutions available to you, we’re happy to assist. As one of the leading fencing specialists in the UK, you can rest assured that we can provide the guidance you need. 

Free site surveys and quotations 

At RTC Fencing, we can provide a free site survey and quotation for your project. We’ll visit your premises at a time that’s convenient for you, at which point we can discuss your requirements and assess your site. A full report and quotation will then be sent out to you. If you have any questions at all or any other types of fencing we provide, don’t hesitate to ask us. We’re highly experienced in our field, possessing a vast knowledge of all the security fencing in our range.

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