What Is a Palisade Fencing and What Is Its Purpose?

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Palisade fences are well-known in the commercial sector, particularly in industries where security is paramount. Constructed from horizontal rails with vertical joists attached, they are strong and robust, offering an extremely high level of protection. This fencing type is available in various sizes from RTC Fencing – the leading palisade fencing contractors in Nottingham. With heights ranging from one to three metres, you’re sure to find the right palisade fencing solution for your business premises.

Palisade FencingHow secure are palisade fences?

Palisade fences may not be as aesthetically pleasing as some other types, but they offer a superior level of security thanks to their sheer height and strength. Sometimes featuring a point or a triple point on top, they’re extremely challenging to climb without sustaining injury. As well as being remarkably high, their lack of footholds makes them almost impossible to surmount. Palisade fences offer no support for thieves or vandals who are trying to climb over to access your property. Not only this, but the tough construction and domineering appearance of palisade fences makes them an effective deterrent. It will look impenetrable to potential criminals, particularly if they feature pointed tops.

Installing this permanent fencing system around the perimeter of your site can help to safeguard the security of your business premises. Palisade fencing removes the need to hire security guards to protect your property, making them a very economical investment. It is also useful for effective boundary demarcation, particularly when enhanced with a polyester powder-coated finish. Once your fence is installed, it will be clear to everybody how much land your business occupies. This will prevent neighbouring properties from encroaching on to your premises.

Are palisade fences long-lasting?

Made from hardwearing steel, modern palisade fences are well-known for their robustness and durability. Constructed to the highest quality, they’re built to last many years and are guaranteed to offer a high level of security and protection to your business premises for much longer than other fencing types. Palisade fencing is either galvanized or undergoes treatment with a powder-coating. This improves its strength even further and ensures that the steel does not become weakened by rust over time.

Rusting is potentially a big problem for fencing in the UK due to the wet climate. However, galvanisation can protect against it effectively, maintaining the fencing’s strength and durability. In general, palisade fencing has an exceptionally long lifespan, withstanding a lot of punishment without too much impact. It’s the ideal choice if you want a permanent secure fencing solution for your site.

Is palisade fencing easy to maintain?

Palisade fencing is easy and inexpensive to maintain, making it even more appealing for business owners in the UK. Singular vertical pales in the fencing can be easily taken out and replaced when required. This allows repairs to be carried out easily and affordably. Once installed, there isn’t much maintenance required, aside from perhaps replacing loose screws and bolts occasionally. In contrast, other fencing choices like boundary walls often require significantly more maintenance due to cracks developing. Regular maintenance for this these walls is usually necessary, making them much more difficult to manage. If you’re looking for a low maintenance fencing solution, palisade is the best choice overall.

What applications is palisade fencing used in?

RTC Fencing is one of the top palisade fencing contractors in Nottingham, Leicester, and Birmingham, supplying secure fencing systems to businesses and organisations in various industries. The most common sites for palisade fences are railways, highways, utility sites, airports, schools, sports grounds, and waste recycling sites, as well as a whole host of other commercial and industrial premises. This fencing type is appropriate for a wide range of settings thanks to the many benefits it offers. RTC Fencing can install palisade fencing in various heights to meet your requirements.

We provide a truly bespoke service, helping you to select the best fencing to suit your business’s needs and budget. Palisade fences are easy to transport and simple to install, even over sloped terrain. This makes it a popular fencing choice for rural areas as well as urban zones. Wherever you’re based in Birmingham, Leicester, or Nottingham, we’re confident that can supply you with the quality fencing you require.

Palisade FencingCan palisade fencing be made more visually appealing?

Whilst you want your business premises to appear impenetrable to criminals, you probably also don’t want to put your customers off by creating an eyesore. Fortunately, palisade fence contractors in Nottingham and Leicester have made their products much more visually appealing over the years. Palisade fencing can be powder coated in various different colours, allowing you to make sure it reflects your business’s branding. The design of this popular fencing type was first used thousands of years ago by the Greeks and Romans, however, it’s advanced significantly since then.

Does palisade fencing require planning permission?

Before installing any kind of fencing on your business premises, it’s a good idea to check the latest government regulations. Generally, you’ll need to apply for planning permission if your fence is more than two metres (6ft 6ins) tall or over one metre tall and located next to a road that vehicles use. Planning permission may also be required if either your building or a neighbouring property are listed. It’s important to check if you face any restrictions before you arrange for a palisade fence to be installed on your premises.

If you’re looking for palisade fencing contractors in Birmingham, Leicester, or Nottingham, don’t hesitate to contact RTC Fencing. We can supply high-quality fencing solutions that will keep intruders out and keep your property and employees secure, safeguarding the future of your business.

With a wealth of experience in the industry, you can rest assured that we have the knowledge and expertise required to meet your commercial fencing needs head on. We offer a fast installation service and we’re renowned for our highly competitive prices, so what are you waiting for? Get in touch to arrange for our team to provide a free visit site and quotation.

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