What is palisade fencing and how is it installed?

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Palisade fencingPalisade Fencing is ideal for those seeking a robust deterrent to protect their business premises. This type of fencing offers numerous benefits for the security conscious and can give you the peace of mind you need whether you’re home or away. More and more people are investing in this type of fencing due to the high standard of security that it offers. Talk to us today to find out what our palisade fencing contractors in Birmingham, Leicester and Nottingham can do for you.

A powerful fencing deterrent

The simple presence of palisade fencing is likely to make would-be intruders think twice. Another key benefit of palisade fencing is that it gives you a view of what’s occurring on the other side of the fence. This makes it easy to identify and report suspicious behaviour. Palisade fencing can make you, your family and any staff that you might employ feel more content and secure.

A long-term fencing solution

Palisade fencing is also well-noted for its durability. The materials used to create it are incredibly robust and are so strong that the fencing can last for many years before it needs to be replaced. Special finishing can protect your fence from rusting and add to its longevity. Palisade fencing is often coated with epoxy and galvanised to make it last longer. When the fencing is constructed, vertical joists are added to a pair of horizontal running rails. As palisade fencing often features single, double and even triple joints, it’s normally impossible for anyone to climb over it without seriously injuring themselves.

Low maintenance, high performance fence

If you’re looking for a solution that won’t require a deal of maintenance, palisade fencing may well be the answer. Palisade fencing requires barely any maintenance. Most of the work will involve inspecting it every so often for loose bolts and screws. It is also noted for its short installation times. Once you have your neighbours’ permission, you can get to work on putting the fence up. You shouldn’t need any special permission from a local authority to install palisade fencing.

A versatile fencing option you can rely on

This type of fencing is also well-known for its versatility. It can be added to business premises, schools, sports grounds, homes and many more. The fencing can come in all sorts of heights, though most people opt for heights of up to 3 metres. There are two different types of joists available. These are ‘D’ and ‘W’ joists. The latter is even more secure and hard to climb than the former, though you can add the pointed finishes to either.

Tough to climb and break through

The lack of footholds makes palisade fencing very difficult to climb. The fencing can stand up to anything that the climate might throw at it and won’t ruin the look of your premises. Incredibly resistant to corrosion and rust, it often comes with matching gates. As palisade fencing is not always right for everyone, you are welcome to get in touch with us at any point if you are seeking a reliable fencing solution that will meet your budget, needs and circumstances.

Palisade FencingSimple affordable repairable fence

Palisade fencing is also noted for the way it’s so cheap to repair. If a rail does become damaged, it can be swapped for a replacement quickly and with a minimum of fuss. As the fencing is normally made from steel, it is incredibly hard to break it down. As steel isn’t suitable for some environments, traditional wood is often used for places like schools and residential buildings.  However, this doesn’t offer the protection that you’ll get from conventional palisade fencing.

Choose the right fence installation service

When you are seeking a palisade fencing installer, it’s important to ensure the people carrying out the work are sufficiently qualified and experienced. CSCS cards show construction workers are trained and qualified to complete the tasks they have been recruited for. It’s also important that the right aggregates and tooling are used to get the job done.

Soft and Hard Dig options

Two processes are used to install palisade fencing. With Soft Dig, the fencing is installed onto grass or soil. This doesn’t require as much labour or specialist tooling as the Hard Dig option. Hard Dig installations involve the fencing being added to tarmac or concrete. This is more labour intensive as the ground needs to be broken beforehand. As you would expect, this option is also costlier.

Boosting the strength of palisade fencing

The durable materials used to make palisade fencing mean it’s not only difficult to climb but exceptionally hard to cut too. Aside from the environments already mentioned, palisade fencing can be found at waste recycling centres, airports, docks, railways, highways and many more. You can add even more security measures to your fencing if you wish. These will make it even harder for intruders to gain access to your property. These include razor wire, rotating toppings, electric pulse fencing, barbed wire and more. We are ready to hear from you right now if you require the services of palisade fencing contractors in Nottingham, Leicester, or Birmingham.

Bespoke palisade fencing

We have two decades of fencing industry experience and are able to provide services for a wide range of commercial clients including public and private sector organisations. We can also help you if you are looking for gates, railings, wooden fencing, wind and solar farm fencing, site hoarding and more. As we offer bespoke services, you can rest assured that the fencing you order will be fine-tuned to meet your requirements. What’s more is that all our work is guaranteed for extra peace of mind.

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