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Site hoarding is a temporary structure erected around the perimeter of a construction site. Although it’s mainly used for safety and security purposes, it can also be used as a fantastic marketing tool. If you’re seeking site hoarding in Leicester, Nottingham, or Birmingham, look no further than RTC Fencing. We can supply and install high-quality hoarding for your building project. Our prices are amongst the most competitive in the Midlands, which means we can cater to all kinds of budgets. Read on to find out more about site hoarding. 

What are the benefits of Site Hoarding?

What is site hoarding

Prevents thieves from entering your site 

Site hoarding can help to secure your building site, preventing unauthorised individuals from entering. Opportunist thieves are known to target the construction industry, with crime rates increasing in recent years. Many building companies in the UK are victims of theft, resulting in financial loss. The Construction (Design and Management) Regulations make clear the need for secure fencing around construction sites. You must not only install a secure perimeter, but you should also implement suitable signage before work begins. To prevent unauthorised persons entering your site, it makes sense to invest in site hoarding from leading local fencing contractor RTC Fencing. Our site hoarding is a highly effective means of deterring intruders. 

Protects the general public from injury

Site hoarding doesn’t just protect your tools and equipment from theft; it also helps to protect the general public from injury. A tall and solid structure around the perimeter of your project, hoarding can prevent people from being injured by on-site vehicles, construction equipment, falling objects, roadworks, and noise, dust, and vibrations. Building sites are full of potential hazards, but hoarding can prevent passers-by from coming into contact with them.   

The Health and Safety at Work etc. Act 1974 is a key piece of legislation in the UK which sets out employers’ duties towards the health and safety of their employees and the public. The act stipulates that all employers must take reasonable steps to ensure the health and safety of the general public. This makes the installation of hoarding around the perimeter of construction sites a necessity. If a member of the public becomes injured due to the lack of protection around your site’s perimeter, you not only face legal consequences, but your reputation will also be damaged too. At RTC, we can supply hoarding for sites of all sizes. We’ll provide a bespoke solution, making sure the whole of your construction space is protected. 

Provides privacy for your project 

Installing site hoarding in Nottingham, Birmingham or Leicester is essential if you want to protect your project from prying eyes. This strong and sizeable barrier can keep the work under wraps until completion, safeguarding its privacy throughout the building process. When hoarding is installed by our experienced team, it provides a highly effective visual barrier. Hoarding prevents anyone from catching a glimpse until it’s finished. RTC Fencing can install hoarding that helps your project to avoid exposure. You can relax in the knowledge that it will remain private until you’re ready to unveil it to the general public. We’re skilled in creating hoarding that’s not just robust and secure, but that blends in with the neighbouring area. 

Serves as a great advertising tool

If you want to promote your project during the construction phase, site hoarding in Leicester, Nottingham and Birmingham can help you do this. Hoarding is the ideal advertising tool, letting you develop fantastic campaigns to stir up public excitement. At RTC, we’ve helped many companies to create bespoke signage to publicise their projects. Why not contact our team to find out how we can help you produce a real buzz around your project with our high-quality custom hoarding? With eye-catching graphics displaying what the completed project will look like, enthusiasm and anticipation will go through the roof. Importantly, this will make the big reveal even more exciting. 

A cost-effective solution 

When it comes to cost-effective solutions site hoarding can be reused, which makes it cost-effective. Purchasing great quality hoarding from one of the Midland’s leading fencing companies means you may be able to slash costs on security or advertising. Hoarding can be used for many different purposes, making it an incredibly worthy investment.

You may be wondering if you should hire site hoarding for your project. Even though it’s a temporary fencing solution for use whilst building work is being carried out, hiring it isn’t always the best option. One reason for this is that building projects often last a lot longer than expected. If you miss the deadline, your hire costs will increase, and you’ll end up paying more than you need to for site hoarding in Leicester and Birmingham. Buying it instead will mean your construction company has access to high-quality hoarding whenever you need it. At RTC Fencing, we supply site hoarding for both long- and short-term hire and purchase, which means we can cater to your specific needs. 

Why choose RTC Fencing for site hoarding 

At RTC Fencing, we’ve been supplying and installing site hoarding in Leicester, Birmingham, and Nottingham for many years, building a fantastic reputation for ourselves. We offer hoarding in three different materials to meet your needs – wood, concrete, and steel. Our installation service is quick and efficient, with our team having installed hoarding on hundreds of local building sites over the years. Hoardings are installed with the current HSE guidelines in mind, ensuring that all work is carried out to official government standards. More and more Midlands-based companies are choosing us for construction site hoarding. 

RTC Fencing are experts in the supply and installation of site hoarding in the Midlands, so why not get in touch to discuss your requirements? We can help you select the right hoarding to meet your needs and budget. Call 0800 086 2517 or email info@rtcfencing.co.uk. We’ll be happy to answer any questions or queries you may have. 


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