What types of security fencing are there?

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There are several types of security fencing you can opt for if you need a more robust method for keeping intruders out. At RTC Fencing, we offer various forms of security fencing for both residential and commercial customers across the Midlands. More and more people are choosing us over the competition when they require dependable security fencing of the highest calibre. Some of our most popular forms of security fencing including steel palisade fencing and razor wire fencing.

Why security fencing is so important

What types of security fencing are there

We mustn’t underestimate the importance of security fencing. Without the right security fencing solution in place, it can be much easier for criminals to gain access to your premises. Criminals may target your possessions, business resources or even the people inside a building. We can provide you with security fencing that’s virtually impossible for people to climb over, giving you valuable peace of mind. The right security fencing can also act as a powerful deterrent and can be very dangerous for anyone who does decide to take their chances and attempt to climb over it.

Enhance your peace of mind

Quality security fencing enables people to keep themselves and their families safe and is great for businesses that want to protect their resources and employees. One problem many people do face is navigating the market and making the right decisions on security fencing. There are many different types to choose from, so it’s no surprise that many customers are left confused by their options.

An investment worth making

Companies mustn’t cut corners on security fencing. If you can afford it, it’s always a good idea to spend a little more. If your fencing isn’t secure enough, it may be a waste of money. You also need to source your fencing from a company that you can trust, who will direct you to the best solutions for your needs and give you all the advice you need to make the right choices. RTC Fencing is one of the fencing world’s most trusted brands and we are passionate about delivering the best and most relevant solutions we possibly can.

Steel palisade fencing

Steel palisade fencing is made from hot and cold rolled steel. You can purchase it in ‘D’ or ‘W’ designs. ‘W’ is the most secure of the two options and is definitely worth paying for if your budget can cover it. It’s almost impossible for intruders to climb across steel palisade fencing, not just because of its design but its height too. Some business owners choose to add spikes to the fencing to make it even more dangerous for intruders. Steel palisade fencing is highly vandal-resistant and designed to stand the test of time. This means it can protect you for years to come before it needs to be replaced. A low-maintenance option, steel palisade fencing is perfect for business owners who need to make their funds go further.

Wire mesh fencing

Another popular form of wire mesh fencing in Coventry, Derby & Birmingham is wire mesh. This type of fencing is manufactured and installed in a way that makes it very hard for intruders to climb over or vandalise it. This type of fencing is found in a wide range of commercial environments like industrial sites and sports stadiums.  Airports and schools often use wire mesh fencing. 

Tough yet aesthetically pleasing

Security Fencing in Leicester

What attracts many organisations to wire mesh fencing is that is has a less intimidating appearance than mesh fencing which makes it more appropriate for environments like schools. It can be purchased in multiple colours and is designed to ensure you can see what’s occurring behind it. We are waiting to hear from you if you suspect wire mesh fencing could be the right solution for you.

Bow top railings

Bow top railings could be the right solution for you if you require security fencing in Derby, Coventry or Birmingham. These railings have a distinctive curved top design and are ideal for perimeter fencing. They are also tough to climb over despite their lower heights. Those seeking dependable, low maintenance fencing that looks great should be well-served by bow top railings. Since there are several types of bow top railings to choose from, we can cater for a various different needs.

Razor wire fencing

Razor wire is popular with a host of businesses seeking security fencing in the Midlands. This type of fencing has an excellent track record when it comes to keeping people and resources safe. It acts as a powerful deterrent to would-be trespassers and intruders. The sharp edges of the razor wire cause most criminals to think twice. We can supply and install razor wire fencing or install it along the top of your current fencing. The razor wire fencing we supply is completely galvanised. This ensures it will continue to serve you well throughout the seasons for many years to come.

Safer installations with RTC Fencing

A key benefit of installing razor wire is that it is highly affordable yet can enhance your security considerably. It is also very quick to install, allowing you to boost your safety standards in minimal time. However, if you’re not experienced in this area, it can be incredibly dangerous to attempt an installation yourself. At RTC Fencing, we can step in and install your razor wire correctly without putting you or ourselves at risk. We will install your razor wire at least 2.4 metres above the ground and can provide you with advice on signage to alert others to its presence.

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