Which is Better – Steel Palisade or Wood Fencing?

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Steel palisade fencing or wood fencing? The age-old question has divided border-enthusiasts for decades. On one hand, the metal exterior of the steel palisade appears more robust. On the other hand, traditional wood fencing appears more private.

So which is better?  Raed on to find out. Which is Better - Steel Palisade or Wood Fencing?

What are the differences between Steel Palisade and Wooden Fencing?

On the face of it, these two types of fencing seem to be total opposites. Palisade fences are metal fences that connect two horizontally running rails to a series of vertically running rails. The fence can either be galvanised or powder-coated and features a spiked top.

Wooden fencing incorporates vertically running wooden slats that sit upon one another to prevent any gaps or openings. A group of wooden slats make up a panel, and the panels are connected to concrete posts. Unlike palisade fences, wooden fences are smooth at the top.



The main function of a fence is to provide security. Without doubt, both wooden and steel fencing offer great security protection.

Palisade Fencing:

  • Spiked top makes it very difficult for someone to climb over without hurting themself. This acts as a deterrent altogether to stop anyone from even attempting.
  • Lack of footholds make it very difficult to gain any leverage for climbing.

Wooden fencing:

  • Lack of gaps make it impossible to get a foothold.

Verdict: While both options will be impeccable when it comes to security, steel palisade gains a slight advantage through its deterrence.


Wooden Fencing in Leicester

Privacy is another big function of a fence, especially when it comes to domestic properties. When it comes to privacy, palisade and wooden fencing possess varying qualities.

Palisade Fencing:

  • Slight privacy due to narrow panels, but can easily be looked through from up close.

Wooden fencing:

  • Offers total privacy due to lack of spacing or gaps. Only way to view a property would be to look over the fence, which would be difficult to do due to its towering height.

Verdict: There is no debate here. Wooden fencing offers optimum privacy in comparison to palisade fencing. However, palisade fencing will still partly obstruct an onlookers view.


When purchasing a new fence, especially if it’s to go round a significantly large border, durability needs to be a priority.

Palisade fencing:

  • Palisade fencing is extremely durable as it is made from steel. Not only is it extremely resistant to harsh weather conditions such as wind and rain, but it’s also incredibly difficult to break through by force or with implements. The addition of being galvanised or treated with powdered coating also makes it resistant to rust.

Wooden fencing:

  • To endure extreme conditions such as heavy winds Wooden fencing will be supported by highly robust concrete posts.

Verdict: Wooden fencing provides long-lasting durability, much longer than many people initially think. However, Palisade fencing, especially with its excess coating, wins this category.


Overall, both wooden fencing and palisade fencing are great choices for bordering a property. Either could be beneficial, depending on your requirements. If privacy is a must, then wooden fencing will likely be more suitable. However, palisade fencing will generally offer higher levels of security and durability. Therefore, palisade fencing is the winner.

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