Why do You Need Smoking Shelters at Your Workplace?

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On the 1st July 2007, England followed suit with the rest of the United Kingdom and introduced a full indoor smoking ban in all enclosed workplaces. The new law meant that smokers were no longer able to smoke freely in these establishments and would have to find somewhere outdoors to do so. Since then, a large number of workplaces have chosen to implement a smoking shelter: a sheltered outdoor area designated specifically to use for smoking. We believe installing a smoking shelter on your work premises reaps many benefits, regardless of industry. This article, created by the team at RTC Fencing, is here to tell you why adding a smoking shelter to your workspace could be a great idea for your business.

Avoiding weather

For social establishments, such as bars, clubs and restaurants, the inclusion of a smoking shelter is a must. Your business revolves largely around the enjoyment and wellbeing of your customer in a social environment, and not having a suitable place to smoke can be particularly detrimental to their experience. While smoking freely outdoors is an option, a smoking shelter provides warmth and protection from unruly weather conditions. This will greatly enhance your customers’ experience and allow them the flexibility to smoke whenever they want, regardless of the conditions outside.

Enhancing socialising

In addition, a shelter invites people to stand together, and in doing so enhances the social experience that you’re attempting to provide. In pubs and clubs especially, many people seek out smoking areas for the social aspect, and by facilitating this you are boosting your customers’ overall experience which is great for your business and earns you recurrent visits. On the other hand, with smoking being such an integral part of so many people’s lives, not having a smoking shelter may be a big enough issue for them to not visit your establishment altogether.

For those in industries which are not necessarily customer facing, you may be considering installing a smoking shelter for the benefit of your employees. We highly recommend this, as it can benefit you and your business as well as your workers in the following ways:
Relieving stress
Smoking is a release of stress for a lot of people. A smoking shelter provides a covered place for employees to destress away from their desks or the shop floor. As noted before, shelters, as opposed to just marked outdoor areas, provide the extra benefit of protection from harsh weather, meaning employees can relieve stress regardless of conditions, instead of having it build up.

Litter reducer

Another great reason to implement a smoking shelter is that it aids in minimising cigarette litter. By providing a designated, compact space for smokers, you can greatly reduce the amount of cigarette butts and other litter that would otherwise be left scattered around your premises. Smoking shelters are often accompanied with cigarette bins, and these will help you to keep your business clean and tidy.


At RTC Fencing, we can deliver a smoking shelter straight to your premise and provide installation in accordance with government legislation. For more information, contact our friendly staff and we’ll be happy to help with any questions you may have.

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