Wooden Gates vs Metal Gates

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Last month we compared steel palisade fencing with wooden fencing. The article was such a hit that we’ve decided to compare two other products: metal and wooden gates. Much like fences, gates need to be secure and durable to ensure optimum security of a property. As an entry and exit way, gates perhaps need to be even more secure than a fence, as any significant damage could weaken your entryway and leave your property susceptible to easy intrusion. We’ve taken various factors into account in this debate, and will help you decide which gate is right for you.


Metal Gates

Metal gates have traditionally been used to offer robust protection to a property. Take a look at some of the pros of wrought iron and metal security gates:

Durability – Metal is highly resistant to heavy winds and other harsh weathering. You can feel confident that the structural integrity of your metal gate won’t be compromised by any strong winds.

Security – Metal gates can easily be locked either manually or with an automated mechanism. Automated mechanisms offer a highly secure locking ability that you (and only you) can control effortlessly. However, manual metal gates are lockable too. You can use a robust lock and key for your metal gate if you choose to, greatly increasing the security of your property.

Bespoke – By taking advantage of a bespoke service, your metal gate can be crafted to the exact size, dimension and specification that is needed to offer your property the absolute best protection. Not only will this increase security by offering as much height and width as you need, but it also means your gate can be styled to the exact look that fits well with its surroundings.


Wooden Gates

Security – Wooden gates also offer excellent security features. Not only are they durable against heavy rain, but they’re also exceedingly difficult to climb, due to their lack of footholds.

Aesthetic  Wooden gates are often the prime choice for domestic use due to their natural look. The wood blends seamlessly with flowery surroundings, offering a premium homely feel that accentuates the property as a whole.This can be enhanced even further through the range of customisable options that can easily be applied to a wooden gate. Not only do RTC Fencing offer bespoke wooden gates that are made to your exact requirements — including colour and design — but wooden gates are also incredibly easy to repaint, manage and improve.

Price – Wooden gates are relatively inexpensive compared with other materials. This can be especially important if you have a particularly large property and need a lot of wooden fencing to cover it.


Which is better?

Neither metal nor wooden fencing is outright better than the other; it depends on which of the gates’ strong points is most important to you. If security is absolutely paramount then we recommend opting for metal gates with either a standard or automated lock. If aesthetic and cost are important to you, wooden gates are the way to go. For these reasons we recommend wooden gates for domestic properties and metal gates for commercial properties. However, with both being highly durable, secure and attractive, we’re sure you won’t regret whichever option you choose.


Here at RTC Fencing we offer high quality gates in both metal and wooden varieties. Either fence can be installed via our comprehensive bespoke service, in which we will work alongside you to create the perfect fence for both you and your property. To learn more, give our team a call today.

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