What is closeboard fencing?

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Closeboard Fencing - RTC FencingAre you looking for high-quality closeboard fencing in Leicester, Nottingham, or Birmingham? If so, look no further than RTC Fencing – one of the leading fencing suppliers and installers in the Midlands. Our closeboard fencing is constructed from pressure treated timber to extend its lifespan, making it an excellent choice for your business. Read on to discover more about this popular fencing type and why it’s such a good choice for commercial settings.

Closeboard fencing – a popular fencing type

Closeboard fencing is one of the most popular types of fencing in the UK, and it’s not hard to see why. Not only does it have a classic design which is suitable for a range of settings, but it’s well known for its strength and durability. Manufactured from the highest quality timber, you can rest assured that closeboard fencing is a durable and hardwearing solution that will stand the test of time. This fencing will withstand all that the British weather has to throw at it, standing strong throughout the years.

Closeboard fencing consists of vertical panels which partially overlap. This gives stability whilst also increasing privacy and security. The panels are then attached to horizontal rails behind, further enhancing strength and durability. This fencing can be used in a wide range of domestic and commercial settings. Although it’s often used in gardens, it’s just as useful for applications like car parks, businesses, parks, and schools.

Why choose closeboard fencing for your business

One of the biggest benefits of closeboard fencing for businesses is its affordability. Made from ethically sourced timber, it’s a lot more affordable than many other fencing types, particularly those constructed from materials such as vinyl or wrought iron. So, if your budget is a concern when investing in commercial fencing, we strongly recommend opting for closeboard fencing.

Increased privacy is another reason to invest in closeboard fencing for your commercial setting. These fences can be constructed to heights of over six feet, offering lots of privacy as well as enhanced security. This can be extremely beneficial to many businesses in various industries. If you want to keep intruders out and stop prying eyes seeing in, closeboard fencing is a good option.

Our professional team of fencing contractors can construct fencing at any height to meet your business’s needs. The overlapping vertical slats used to construct this fencing also make it harder for people to see into your property.

Various options for closeboard fencing

There are many options to consider when you choose closeboard fencing for your premises. You can choose from either wood or concrete gravel boards and posts, allowing you to tailor your fencing to preferences or choose a solution which requires a lower level of maintenance. There are several ways you can add decorative touches to your fencing, including adding features to the post, such as pyramid or acorn tops.

A trellis on top of closeboard fence can help to “soften” the appearance of the fence, making it more visually appealing. There are also various finishes for the timber boards available, with several paints, varnishes, and stains to choose from. We can help you to achieve the look you want for your new closeboard fencing. At RTC Fencing, we can provide a bespoke fencing solution for your commercial space, with our team working with you to turn your vision into reality.

Closeboard Fencing - RTC FencingMany fence sizes available

At RTC Fencing, we can construct closeboard fencing to virtually any length and height. However, keep in mind that if the fence you want to erect is over 1.95m high, it may require planning permission. If it’s below this height, you won’t need planning permission, unless it’s installed next to a public highway. In this case, the fence can only be a maximum of one metre high you’ll need before planning permission. We recommend seeking advice from your local authority before you order fencing for your business. You can find out more about fencing regulations at our website. We’re also more than happy to provide guidance – simply get in touch with our team to discuss your requirements.

How to maintain closeboard fencing

Even though closeboard fencing is very durable, some regular maintenance is required to keep strong and looking its best. After all, timber is a living product that will eventually wear out if it’s not cared for. To increase the lifespan of your fencing, we recommend that a solvent-based treatment is used every few years. This should ideally be done during the summer months to allow it to soak into the dry wood. Individual panels can be easily replaced and repaired too, with no need to remove the entire fence.

Professional installation of your closeboard fencing

At RTC Fencing, we don’t just supply closeboard fencing in Nottingham, Birmingham, and Leicester – we also install it. Although this type of fencing can be erected by skilled DIY enthusiasts, we recommend enlisting a professional to carry out of the job for the best results. Our experienced installation team can erect your closeboard fencing on your property, installing it swiftly and to the highest possible standards.

Fencing is constructed on site, allowing us to cater to the slope and shape of the land. Closeboard can be cut to size before being installed around any awkward or challenging angles. We can install this fencing on any ground, with our team having many years’ installation experience at hand.

If you’re ready to invest in closeboard fencing in Birmingham, Nottingham, Leicester or anywhere else in the Midlands, don’t hesitate to contact our team at RTC Fencing. We’ve been providing high-quality fencing solutions to home and business owners for many years, establishing ourselves as of the leading suppliers and installers in the region. Not only are our fencing installers fully trained and incredibly experienced, but all work is guaranteed. Why not get in touch to discuss your fencing needs today?

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