Construction Site Security Checklist

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Construction sites are constantly evolving, so to stay one step ahead of would be thieves, you’ll have to adapt your security plan along with the job site. A security plan is simple to put together and takes an entire team to implement.

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How to Secure a Building Site

So, to get started, read our advice below and recognise the weaknesses in your site before engaging your workforce to implement the plan.

Here’s how to secure a building site the easy way, including site hoardings advice from the experts.

Construction Site Security Checklist

  • Create a job site security plan that is specific to your site and client
  • Encourage security consciousness among all workers and enforce this by assigning supervisory security roles.
  • Inventory all assets onsite and track them methodically.
  • As a first line of defence, make sure to erect a perimeter fence around the entire site area.
  • Lock away all mobile assets including tools and secure vehicles appropriately; also, avoid parking tall vehicles near to your perimeter fence.
  • Monitor site access by establishing a single point of access; to make this easier, provide parking to visitors and workers outside the site.
  • Use flood lighting to illuminate the site at night.
  • Mandate that employees and subcontractors take responsibility for security by reporting any suspicious activity or incidents to the site manager immediately.
  • Consider manned security guards.
  • Consider installing temporary CCTV to monitor site traffic and the site perimeter.

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Construction Site Security Procedures

Improve construction site security by implementing site security procedures that are maintained by all levels of staff, as well as specialist staff members.

The key procedures you should put into action are:

  • Site access control
  • Asset management and protection
  • Perimeter security measures

These three must develop as your site changes to protect your project and your staff. All procedures must adhere to health and safety regulations, too.

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Construction Site Security Measures

Construction site fencing requirements fall under the procedures and security measures umbrella, and as such you’ll need to assess the different types of security fencing and erect a fence that suits your needs.

There are also a number of construction site fencing requirements to make sure you comply with when setting up fencing around a building site.

The use of security fencing is an investment in preventing many dangerous or costly scenarios. So, to get the most out of your security fencing, it’s best to entrust the work to a reputable fencing contractor with years of experience in a number of sectors.

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Whatever your fencing needs, we can cater for school fencing, solar farm fencing, timber fencing and we also specialise in site hoardings, so your construction site is never at a loss.

Maximise your safety and security in one fell swoop: contract our prompt and professional team to install your site hoarding today. Contact us for more information about any of our services.

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