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Posted by jask Media on 1 April 2023

The History of Fences [ Infographic ]

Are you ready to find out more about the history of fences? If so, we have you covered. Fences have a long, rich and fascinating history. If you’re interested in investing in fences in Leicester or Nottingham and want to know more about how fences became such important parts of...

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Posted by jask Media on 3 May 2022

What is a fencing contractor? [Infographic]

If you’re seeking the answer to the question “What is a fencing contractor?”, read on. In this article, we’ll talk about the many activities that are carried out by fencing contractors in Nottingham and Leicester, helping you to decide if you require their services. The work of fencing contractors A...

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Posted by jask Media on 3 September 2021

How do I preserve a panel fence?

Do you want to install a panel fence in your garden or grounds? If so, you may be questioning how to care for it so that it stands the test of time. Panel fencing requires regular maintenance to keep it looking and performing its best throughout the years. If you’re...

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