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Category: Closeboard Fencing

Our latest news in Closeboard Fencing

Best Fence Panels For Windy Areas

Posted by RTC Fencing on 21st August 2018

The British weather has been unusually pleasant recently – but it won’t be long before it reverts back to the cold, windy state we all know too well. Take advantage of the warm weather by installing a wind-proof fence in preparation for Autumn. To help you out, we’ve constructed a handy guide to highlight the best fence panels for windy areas. Hit and miss fence panels Hit and miss fence panels are alternately fitted panels that impart a sizeable amount of wind resistance, while also providing close to total privacy. The alternate panels make the fence appear closed and solid, but…

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3 Things to Consider When Choosing Best Fencing For Dogs

Posted by RTC Fencing on 11th May 2018

Any proud dog owner knows their dog loves nothing more than to explore. As endearing as this quality is, it does mean you have to consider your dog and their behavior when choosing the right fence for your property. Here are some tips when choosing a closeboard or panel fence that will make you and your pup happy. Best Fences For Dogs That Jump Big dogs are capable of jumping high fences. A four foot fence simply isn’t going to do the job since, depending on the breed, some dogs can jump as high as six feet. Ideally, your fences need…

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Closeboard vs Panel Fencing

Posted by RTC Fencing on 21st March 2018

It’s vitally important to choose the correct fencing for the job when it comes to domestic fencing in the back garden, the driveway or your allotment. Not only must it stand the test of time and provide privacy and security, it has to look good, too. This month, we are answering an age old question: ‘What are the pros and cons of closeboard and panel fencing and which is the best fencing for my needs?’ So, without further ado, here’s a short but sweet guide to deciding between closeboard and panel fencing. Closeboard Fences Closeboard provides unparalleled privacy and is usually…

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