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Category: Palisade Fencing

Our latest news in Palisade Fencing

Which is Better – Steel Palisade or Wood Fencing?

Posted by RTC Fencing on 31st October 2018

Steel palisade fencing or wood fencing? The age-old question has divided border-enthusiasts for decades. On one hand, the metal exterior of steel palisade appears more robust. On the other hand, traditional wood fencing appears more private. So which is better? Well today ladies and gentleman, the two will finally go head to head in the ultimate battle of fence vs fence. Will wooden fencing carve out a win or will steel fencing steal the show? The experts here at RTC fencing have created this article to find out the answer once and for all. What are the differences? On the face…

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Best Fence Panels For Windy Areas

Posted by RTC Fencing on 21st August 2018

The British weather has been unusually pleasant recently – but it won’t be long before it reverts back to the cold, windy state we all know too well. Take advantage of the warm weather by installing a wind-proof fence in preparation for Autumn. To help you out, we’ve constructed a handy guide to highlight the best fence panels for windy areas. Hit and miss fence panels Hit and miss fence panels are alternately fitted panels that impart a sizeable amount of wind resistance, while also providing close to total privacy. The alternate panels make the fence appear closed and solid, but…

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How Burglars Pick a House – Is Your Home & Business Premises Safe?

Posted by RTC Fencing on 8th July 2018

Being the victim of a burglary can be a traumatic experience. While many people feel like it won’t happen to them, recent data suggests a burglary occurs in the UK every 40 seconds. It is important to remain vigilant and understand the features that make a house a potential target for intruders. This article will illustrate how burglars pick a house and will provide you with the knowledge on how installing a fence can protect yourself, your home and your family. Accessibility The majority of burglaries happen in a matter of minutes. Stealth and efficiency are key for a criminal and…

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