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Posted by jask Media on 1 May 2024

5 Benefits of Wooden Gates

In the realm of home design and landscaping, few elements can match the timeless appeal and functionality of wooden gates. From classic picket fences to stately driveway entrances, wooden gates stand as a symbol of craftsmanship, and durability. As well as their charm, gates offer a wide range of benefits...

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Posted by jask Media on 31 August 2023

The benefits of industrial gates

Industrial gates can offer enhanced security, helping to keep your assets and people safe. Many business owners spend time worrying about digital threats to their organisations, but we mustn’t overlook the physical dangers that we still face. You need to ensure that all aspects of your business are protected from...

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Posted by jask Media on 2 June 2023

Do security gates add value to my business?

At RTC Fencing, people often ask us “Do security gates add value to my business?” The answer is yes, absolutely. Top-quality security gates which have been manufactured and installed to a high standard increase your company’s value considerably. Keep reading to learn more.  How much value can security gates add...

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Posted by jask Media on 30 November 2018

Wooden Gates vs Metal Gates

Last month we compared steel palisade fencing with wooden fencing. The article was such a hit that we’ve decided to compare two other products: metal and wooden gates. Much like fences, gates need to be secure and durable to ensure optimum security of a property. As an entry and exit...

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Posted by jask Media on 12 June 2018

Benefits of Wrought Iron Fencing

Acting as a surrounding border, a great fence is essential for providing the finishing touch to your home. Whilst fences come in all shapes, sizes and materials, there aren’t many more fences that provide top quality security, durability, versatility and aesthetics than the highly robust wrought iron fence. Security The...

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Posted by jask Media on 29 July 2016

How to Secure your Home with a Wooden Gate

You might have installed a beautiful, sturdy wooden fence around your property, but it won’t be complete until you install a wooden gate to go with it. Wooden gates are a great way to enhance the security of your property while maintaining its attractive appeal.   If security is a...

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