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Posted by jask Media on 1 September 2022

What are the benefits of post on block site hoarding?

Are you wondering ‘What are the benefits of post on block site hoarding’? If so, this article is for you. Over recent years, it’s become extremely common for fencing and hoarding contractors to use precast concrete blocks for foundations, counterweights and kentledge for temporary and permanent fencing. Instead of the...

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Posted by jask Media on 2 February 2021

Can you advertise on site hoarding? [Infographic]

When having construction work done you may want to know if you can advertise on your site hoarding. You can leave construction and site hoardings blank if you like, but there are many great reasons for using them for advertising and promotional purposes. These include their high visibility as well...

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Posted by jask Media on 21 October 2020

What Is Site Hoarding [Infographic]

Site hoarding is a temporary structure erected around the perimeter of a construction site. Although it’s mainly used for safety and security purposes, it can also be used as a fantastic marketing tool. If you’re seeking site hoarding in Leicester, Nottingham, or Birmingham, look no further than RTC Fencing. We can supply...

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Posted by jask Media on 6 October 2020

Does site hoarding need planning permission?

You don’t require planning permission for most site hoardings. This type of fencing is only temporary and usually not detrimental to the lives of nearby residents. However, many people are confused about the rules surrounding site hoardings. At RTC Fencing, we can offer expert advice and guidance on the key...

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Posted by jask Media on 22 July 2020

What are the different types of site hoarding for construction sites?

Site hoarding is a temporary structure built on construction sites. They are used for several purposes including preventing unauthorised access, shielding activities from public view and upholding health and safety. These hoardings can also prevent vandalism and theft whilst protecting workers from flying debris. There are many different types of...

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Posted by jask Media on 7 July 2020

Building Site Hoarding – The Top 5 Benefits You Need To Know

Site Hoarding is a temporary boarded fence which is erected around commercial premises such as a building site. As well as enhancing safety and security by shielding the area from view and preventing unauthorised access, it can also serve as a useful and economical marketing tool. Here are the biggest...

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Posted by jask Media on 25 November 2019

The Importance of Site Hoarding During the Winter Season

Site hoardings are highly durable, robust timber fences typically erected around the perimeter of demolition and construction sites. Their hard-wearing, solid structure comes with many benefits for contractors and developers who are involved with construction sites. Here’s why they’re so important: Protects and secures your project from intruders Site hoardings...

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Posted by jask Media on 31 October 2017

Construction Hoarding Types

Hoardings for construction sites are mandatory in the UK and when you look at the benefits of having them on site, you can see why. Construction Hoarding Types Protection, health and safety and risk reduction - as well as insurance obligations - are just a few of the positives for...

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Posted by jask Media on 4 September 2017

Site Hoarding Inspection Checklist

To ensure your site hoardings are compliant with all regulations and keep your staff, equipment and the public safe, this month RTC Fencing are providing a handy checklist. Site Hoarding Inspection Checklist   Secured Gates Regulation 13 (6) stipulates that you need a method of controlled access for your site....

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