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Category: Site Hoarding

Our latest news in Site Hoarding

The Importance of Site Hoarding During the Winter Season

Posted by RTC Fencing on 25th November 2019

Site hoardings are highly durable, robust timber fences typically erected around the perimeter of demolition and construction sites. Their hard-wearing, solid structure comes with many benefits for contractors and developers who are involved with construction sites. Here’s why they’re so important: Protects and secures your project from intruders Site hoardings can provide security for your construction site, subsequently helping to prevent theft, vandalism and considerable financial loss. To comply with Construction Design and Management Regulations, all construction companies must ensure that unauthorised persons cannot enter the construction site. This involves installing a safe and secure perimeter and implementing suitable signage before…

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Construction Hoarding Types

Posted by RTC Fencing on 31st October 2017

Hoardings for construction sites are mandatory in the UK and when you look at the benefits of having them on site, you can see why. Construction Hoarding Types Protection, health and safety and risk reduction – as well as insurance obligations – are just a few of the positives for widespread hoardings use. However, there are a few considerations to take into account before choosing the type of hoarding to install. Timber Hoardings The classic hoarding system that offers great long-term security for large construction sites. Here are the reasons why: Available in post-mounted, concrete set and counterweighted concrete block variants…

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Site Hoarding Inspection Checklist

Posted by RTC Fencing on 4th September 2017

To ensure your site hoardings are compliant with all regulations and keep your staff, equipment and the public safe, this month RTC Fencing are providing a handy checklist. Site Hoarding Inspection Checklist Secured Gates Regulation 13 (6) stipulates that you need a method of controlled access for your site. Therefore, a purpose-built gate must be installed that is big enough to let your largest vehicles pass through on to site. If you are expecting there to be heavy traffic in and out of the gates, you should also install a separate gate for workers to pass through safely. Secured access: for…

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