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Category: Sports Ground Fencing

Our latest news in Sports Ground Fencing

Fencing for Football Pitches

Posted by RTC Fencing on 31st May 2019

It’s important to select the right fencing for putting around the perimeter of a football pitch. There are numerous factors to consider, including the height of the fence, the style and the material. As well as fencing a gate will be needed for added security. So why is important that we fence off our football pitches? Here’s all you need to know. Why should fencing be installed around a football pitch? Fencing is installed around football pitches, mainly with safety and security in mind. Suitable, strong and durable fencing, with adequate gated access, aids in the protection of the pitch itself,…

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Best Fencing for Sport Grounds

Posted by RTC Fencing on 31st December 2018

Sports facilities used to support different infrastructure, due to different sports having different requirements and funds. Nowadays, Multi-Use Games Areas (MUGA) are becoming more and more prevalent, allowing multiple sports to be played on just one single playing area. The fencing that is used for these areas — or any sporting ground — can vary. This article is going to take a look at which we believe is the best. Why do you need fencing for sports grounds? There are a variety of reasons why choosing good fencing for your sports ground is important. Secure equipment – Having a fence around…

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How to Choose Sports Ground Fencing

Posted by RTC Fencing on 2nd February 2017

At one time, it was the norm to have a dedicated area for every sport in a school or sports facility. Today it is more efficient, and therefore more likely, for a single sports ground or pitch to cater for multiple sports and be a multi-use games area. Football, hockey, tennis and basketball are just a few sports whose playing areas can be integrated into a single space. With each sport having different requirements, it is wise to cater for all eventualities when choosing the right fencing to protect these areas and enhance their usability. Quality sports fencing must do double…

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